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Unexplained Stomach problems. HELP!!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 15, 2008
  • 03:47 AM

My son is 23 years old and has been having an unidentified gastric/stomach problem for over a year now. Sometimes he will go 2 or 3 months without an attack sometimes less. Last time was on Christmas day however he had a couple of small ones but managed to control it.

It happens in the morning after he has been up getting ready for work. He begins to moan and turn pale. He will go to the bathroom a couple of times. He gets nauseous and sweats then begins throwing up. When he throws up it is usually yellow or orange which I am told is bile. This lasts sometimes for a few hours sometimes all day. He cannot eat. It becomes so severe long lasting He then ends up in the Emergancy room to try and get relief.

He has not ever really been able to explaine how it feels. But he said he does not have pain. States its maybe like butterflies in his stomach sort of between his rib cage.

They give him shots of Phenergan sometimes it takes two shots but still may not work they also will sometimes give him a shot for pain but he insists he has no pain. Sometime that will help but most likely because it makes him sleep and relax until it subsides.

They have given him Prilosec, Acifex, Hyoscyamine, Amrtyptylline, Metoclopramide and a couple of of other things i cant remember. Nothing helps.

He has seen 5 different EM doctors and none of them know what is going on. He was sent to see a Surgeon that works for the hospital because he was knowledgeable about stomach problems and since my son has no insurance and did not have the means to pay was put on their financial assistance program to pay the bill so he saw the hospital surgeon. That doctor ordered blood and urine tests to check for stomach cancer a colonoscopy, endoscopy, X-Rays both upper and lower GI, and an ultrasound.

Nothing was found except that the Doctor said that he had excessive stomach acid. He said most people after fasting only have about a tablespoon of acid but my son had about a cup.

No one seems to know what the problem is. Im hoping someone out there will be able to give me some insight as to what may be going on and what to do about it.

Please - we are desperate for an answer.

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  • Hello there,Sorry to hear about your son. I read your post and was kind off happy to have heard your situation due to it being a similar sickness that my husband suffers from. My husband's age is 32 years old has been going through this for almost 4 years and 6 months. He starts throwing up and sweats alot all of a sudden.Later,he gets admitted to the ER and stays over there for almost 2-3days with non-stop nasuea and vomiting. He saw the best doctors/ professors and he has done alot of tests such as endoscopy,colonoscopy,CT scan,barium,blood/urine tests and he has also seen a neurologist for head examination.Also,he has seen a shrink. He was taking alot of medicines such as Dogmatil,Navidoxine,Pantizol,Lexotonil,Librax,Triptizol and some others that i cant remember.Unfortunatly,those medicines havent done any prevention to his attack. The last doctor that he saw asked him to stop taking any medicines, and he has stopped them all since November 2007.He gets his attacks sometimes every month and a half,every 2 months and sometimes every 3 months. When he gets the attack he hates smelling food,it makes him naseaue.He has lost alot of weight and none of the doctors that he have seen know why this is happeneing!! All his tests are negative and they are not able to know anything. So, my husband and your son seem to be suffering from the same sickness as i can see with your son being the ONLY similar case to his.I have done a reseach about this sickness and found out that it could be FMF "Familial Mediteranean Fever" are you living anywhere close to the mediteranean sea? Does your son get a fever when he gets the attack?We are not sure if it is FMF, though I will be informing the Doc about FMF hoping it could be a lead for answers.
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  • Hi there,My heart goes out to you and your son! I believe what your son has what I have. It is called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, also know as CVS. It is not a well-known condition. I had seen many doctors, and since my diagnosis with CVS, they have never heard of this condition. I had multiple attacks with extreme nausea, unstoppable vomiting, sometimes sweating. I would have to be admitted to the hospital for approximately 2-3 days, then sent home and try to get back to normal life. I was admitted every 2-3 months. I was miserable!I saw Edward J. Feldman, M.D. at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. In my book of people, he is tops! He is completely familiar with CVS, and specializes in treating it. He is one of a handful of doctors in the United States who even know what CVS is. Many gastroenterologists have been in practice for years and never even heard of CVS. After listening to all of my symptoms, there was no question that I have CVS. Dr. Feldman prescribed a script called Lorazepam. This is a drug that is given to cancer patients who cannot take Phenegran. Lorazepam is a wonder drug to me! Whenever I feel any degree of nausea starting, I take .5mg and within minutes I feel normal again. There are many triggers that can start an attack of CVS, including extreme temperature changes (hot summer day), acidic foods (tomatoes, spices, citrus fruits), and stress. I have a lot of anxiety, so Dr. Feldman prescribed Clonazepam to be taken before bed so that my body will stay calm through the night. I primarily feel nausea if I awaken during the night, and first thing in the morning. The combination of Clonazepam before bed, and Lorazepam upon awakening takes care of any nausea I have. Since starting this regimen, I have not needed to be hospitalized in 2 years!I hope that this information helped you. If you’d like, I would enjoy talking with you about your son’s condition.
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  • I am very interested in discussing this with you further. I have many questions. I live in Oregon so getting to the Doctor there is difficult. I will be researching this on the net and printing this out to give to the doctor. Were you diagnosed with celiac disease? Did you have the blood test that would tell?Are you on any special food diet?Thank you for your response it is a good start for us
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  • Hi there, Good to hear from you. To answer your questions, I have not been diagnosed with celiac disease, only with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Yes, I am on a restricted food diet. I avoid anything that upsets my stomach, including citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, orange juice, etc.), most spices including barbecue sauce, peppers, etc., as well as tomatoes. Tomatoes are irritate my stomach, so I avoid all pizza, spaghetti, etc. I miss all of those foods! But, the reward is worth it. I did have a study (can't think of the name) where they have you drink different solutions and follow them through your digestive tract. Nothing was found out of the ordinary. I am available if you would like to talk further. I could email with you or call you. My email is lauragreenie@hotmail.com ....I hope you and your family are doing well and I hope to hear from you. Laura
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