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Undiagnosed stomach problem - please help.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 18, 2010
  • 07:37 PM

Hi there:
I've been having problems with heartburn and sour stomach for 2 yrs. now and it's getting worse. In May of this year, our Memorial Day cookout to be exact, I got extremely sick to my stomach - threw up everything I ate, had heartburn, could not keep food down for 2 days. I went to my PCP and she put me on 40mg of Protonix daily. That helped with the heartburn and sour stomach but my stomach would still get upset and I'd still throw up.

3 weeks later while at work I got violently ill. I threw up 4 times over the course of an hour and passed out in my work's bathroom. One of my co-workers found me and they sent me home from work to sleep it off.

So that day I called the PCP and she had me sent out for a stomach scope. Had it done, and I fasted like I was instructed. Well, 12 hours later I still had the Rice Krispies I'd had for dinner in my stomach! Doctor took a biopsy while he was in there, and sent me for bloodwork and a gastric emptying scan. Had both done, the technician doing the scan commented there was no change between my earlier images and little in the later images they took of my stomach. The bloodwork they did was for diabetes and a TSH test for thyroid issues.

So I called the doc that did the scope today for the results of everything - and every.single.test was within normal range. The biopsy came back cancer-free, too. I mean I'm happy I don't have any of those diseases but I'm frustrated that I don't have a diagnosis and I'm still feeling sick. I'm sick to my stomach as I type this! I get stomach problems all the time, from small belly aches to full-fledged vomiting and diarhhea.

Other ongoing issues worth mentioning because it was suggested to me maybe I have PCOS. These have all been happening over the course of about 4 years:
- My period comes and goes as it pleases - I can go a few months without having one and I've had 2 in one month before. Not on birth control, not possible I am pregnant. I've never been to a lady doctor because the thought of going freaks me out and I always just chalked it up to stress. I am in my late 20s.
- Extremely tired.
- Extremely depressed, anxious, and stressed. I get so stressed I am shaking and feel like I'm going to faint. I am on trazadone and Zoloft.
- Very easily irritated.
- Bad headaches behind my eyes, maybe one every two weeks.
- Weight gain.
- My hair seems like it's thinning and it seems like I lose strands easily. Not enough I've sought treatment because it's still very shiny and looks well-cared for...if I didn't know all the strands I see like in the tub and the fact it feels lighter to me, the next person probably couldn't tell it's thinning.
- I've noted occassions of weakness in my arms, particularly my upper arms.
- My eye pressure is on the high side of normal. I've been getting screened every 6 months for the past few years by an eye specialist looking for signs of glaucoma. I was just tested again last Friday and he said I still have large nerves and high pressure, but there is no change and he doesn't believe I have glaucoma. We got to talking about my stomach issues because I had to tell him about the Protonix, and he said the stomach with the eyes he thought I should be checked for polycystic ovarian syndrome. I looked this disease up but I don't see a correlation to high eye pressure and PCOS? The only thing I can think is that I complain of dry eye to him a lot when I see him, I have a very hard time wearing contacts.
- I have a lot of problems with dark, thick facial hair I have to shave and pluck daily, but I've been tested for thyroid TWICE in the past three years now and nothing. Wouldn't PCOS come out in the TSH test?

I never thought those other things could be related to the stomach - or my eye issues could be related to my stomach - but do they sound like PCOS to you? Should I talk to my doctors about it? They are all so hard to talk to, especially the stomach specialist, I'm frustrated and ready to wash my hands of the whole thing and just be sick all the time for the rest of my life.

Something else I should note just in case it's like extreme stress or mental - the last 10 years of my life have been nothing but stress. I was in an abusive relationship for 8 of those years and my job of 4 years is high-stresss. I still run into my abuser on a regular basis and everyday at work, I leave angry about something.

Has anybody sounded similar to me? Help!

thank you!!

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