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Undiagnosed Liver Problems

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 23, 2007
  • 03:11 AM

I went to the Dr. last fall (mid-Oct) because I was feeling foggy headed and experiencing some upper right abdominal pains. While at the hospital they did a full blood panel and my liver enzymes came back elevated. He did ask me if I was a drinker and how much. At that time I was probably drinking close to a case of beer a week (mostly on Fri and Sat nights and Sunday afternoons watching football). I'm 26 btw. I did "binge drink" often drinking 12 or more at a time. But never drank during the week. He said that was likely the cause and referred me to an Internal Medicine Dr. He asked the same questions and gave me the same answers (likely as a result of my drinking) and referred me for an Ultrasound and viral Hep tests. Ultrasound came back negative and Hep came back negative. He said quit drinking for 2 months and come back. I never touched even a drop of alcohol during this period. Liver enzymes had come down some but still remained above normal. (I don't remember exactly but i'm going to say 50% to 100% above normal. I don't remember the exact enzymes but I think they were ALT, AST? and GGT. Anyways he said the particular enzymes and levels indicated alcohol was the likely factor.) The foggy head and liver pains remained off and on through this period. He told me it was all in my head as high liver enzymes don't cause pain in your liver. He said he still believed it was from alcohol and to abstain for another 3 months and we'd check again. But in the mean time he wanted to rule out hereditary and autoimmune diseases. I did more blood tests, which he said ruled out hereditary and autoimmune diseases. In the next few weeks after this visit the foggy head and liver pains went away.
Mid February I went to a basketball game with some buddy's and everybody was drinking. I had been feeling no symptoms for about a month so I figured I'd be alright to drink for one night (probably not the smartest looking back). I probably drank 8 or 9 beers over the course of this night. Felt fine after and 5-6 weeks after this night I did more blood tests which I just got back this week. I was expecting him to tell me everything was back to normal but he said they are basically exactly the same as they were in December. He now says he's referring me to a liver specialist who will likely order a liver biopsy. He says I show no signs of liver disease and I shouldn't be too worried but obviously I am.

Could one night of drinking over the course of a 3 month period halted my liver recovery to the point where the enzymes remained exactly the same? 5 months total other than the 1 night?

If all of the above have been ruled out what else could be discovered through a liver biopsy?

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