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Unable to poop

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 9, 2007
  • 06:53 AM

About a week ago, I noticed that there was some blood in my stool. At this point, I'm unsure whether I was constipated or not. The blood was bright red, appeared to be on the outside of the stool, and on the toilet paper. Throughout this week, I haven't really had a solid BM. There were a couple of times when I managed to squeeze out a few thin ones, but nothing substantial.

I saw my doctor about the bleeding and he did a digital rectal exam. He said he felt a few hemorrhoids, but wanted me to get a sigmoidoscopy. That's scheduled for next Wednesday.

So, I figured that I'd try to give myself a Fleet Enema. Mostly because I haven't pooped in a couple days (despite eating what seems like a good amount of fruits, fiber, and a TON of water).

So I tried the enema. It was hard to get the little nozzle in. After almost 10 minutes of cringing and trying to get it in without hurting myself, I managed to squeeze in the liquid. I laid there for 5 minutes or so until I felt the urge to go. So I sat on the toilet and basically just pooped out the enema solution, some blood and mucus and maybe some stool. Nothing I'd call solid, however.

This was about a half hour ago.

I feel like I -might- be able to push out some more, but my rectum feels swollen and I don't want to push to hard and hurt myself. I don't feel any pain in my stomach, back, or otherwise. I feel some pressure around my anus (Probably the swelling).

Is it possible for me to have a fecal impaction without feeling any pain? I mean, I've been eating like I always do. Yet I haven't been able to have a BM. So the food has to go somewhere, right?

What are the other possibilities?
Should I see a doctor immediately?

I'm a 20 year old male in good shape. No history of colon cancer or other GI cancers that I know of.


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  • It sounds like you may have an anal fissure, the blood on the outside of the stool is a sign. Furthermore, it seems pretty clear that you are constipated. The difficulty in passing stool may be irritating the anal tissues. It could be this is just a temporary issue, or maybe it is a longterm concern such as IBS-C. Try taking a fiber supplement like metamucil and/or prunes. If that doesn't help, you might want to try miralax--an excellent, safe over the counter laxative. A full colonoscopy might be helpful as well. Hopefully your doctor will help sort the problem out.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • August 10, 2007
    • 11:18 PM
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  • Could be an anal fissure, although they usually sting like crazy when you're defecating. Probably you have a mild fecal impaction. On any medications, like codeine, other narcotics, aluminum-based antacids, etc? Had your TSH checked recently (hypothyroidism can cause constipation)? The Fleet enema doesn't work with only 5 minutes of use. Needs around 20-30 minutes (drags water out of the colonic tissue, therefore longer dwell time is better). Don't do it again, you might perforate the rectum if it's swollen and tender. In the interim, try placing a glycerin suppository and drink lots of water.
    GI guy 45 Replies
    • August 14, 2007
    • 04:13 PM
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