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Symptoms keep changing! help!

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  • Posted By: cazattack
  • August 17, 2008
  • 05:12 PM

So i've been having problems with my stomach area for 3 weeks now. Some days it is so bad i cannot go to work, or i cant sit up, or i cant sleep, depending on the day.
When this started, i was feeling fine, i had just recently stopped taking Alli (which is over the counter orlistat, basically a fat blocking medication to aid in dieting,etc.) granted im not overweight nor was i ever more than 30 pounds over my current weight (im a healthy weight, not a fatty) so when this started i had woken up in the middle of the night with sharp intense pain behind my belly button, that lasted for two hours and basically left my hunched up in my bed unable to move. The next day i felt weak and nauseous, had diarrhea, gas, bloating. For the next week I had on and off cramps of sharp pain around my belly button, gas, diarrhea, nausea, a general feeling of tiredness/weakness. It seemed to affect me more on days when i ate fattier/greasier or processed food or on days when i needed to make a bowel movement. During the next week, i rested much more, but still felt tired, weak and nauseous almost everyday. I had a few more boughts of diarrhea ranging from soft stoo to basically butt pee (almost all watery) i also had some green stool. I started to get sharp pain in my upper right abdomen, nder my ribs. It was sore to touch, and felt like my muscles were clenching around my rib.

So this is where i went to Urgent care. My dr couldnt feel or hear anything gave me bloodwork and sent me on my way. My bloodwork came back negative for the 6 or 7 things she tested for. The third week, again my symptoms were on and off, some days i felt decent.One day i felt great, thought it was over and then after eating a fatty lunch (french fries) and one lap around the pool i instantly felt like i was going to die. i started to shake, felt insanely nauseous and had explosive urgent diarrhea. the rest of the day i felt nauseous, weak and had chills/ was shaky. i still had occasionaly sharp pain in my right rib area. The boughts of feeling okay then the next day having diarrhea/nausea continued and halfway through the week i woke up in the morning and my abdominal muscles and my lower back muscles felt like i had just done 6 hours of pilates! I was so sore, i couldnt sit up, i couldnt lift anything i couldnt twist my body. This continued for two days, where i had more explosive diarrhea followed by uncontrollable shaking, chills and nausea.

I went to urgent care again, my doctor did pee tests, stool tests for parasites, and sent me for an ultrasound of my gallbladder because at the time the pain concentrated around that area. My pee test came abck negative, the ultrasound was negative, i havent gotten results yet from the stool test. My Dr had called upon recieving the ultrasound and said she was going to schedule me for a hida test.

Its been a 3 days since my last urgent care visit, I have completely stopped eating greasy or fatty food ( i live on applesauce, toast, water, rice, really bland food) and the pains in the gallbladder area have minimized the just feeling like my side is being clenched and is sore to touch. The main thing i notice right now is that i HAVE to eat every few hours or im so nauseous i think ill pass out, i'm getting pains all over (i think gas pains, but they freaking hurt!) and my muscles are sooo sore and weak, i cant stand for more than an hour or so, i barely walked a mile yesterday while grocery shopping and my legs have been on fire! my ab and lower back muscles feel like i'm working out everyday though all i do is sit or lay down. My abs feel like theyre constantly holding my stomach in and are tense and firm. I still have a bit of a clenching feeling around my right ribs near my stomach and its sore to touch.

does anyone have any idea what this could be? up until a few days ago my dr and i were convinced my gallbladder wasnt functioning properly because of stopping taking alli (which again, blocks fat so the gallbladder didnt need to store as much bile while i took it) but now i'm wondering if i could have nerve damage or a problem with my muscles that is causing them to clench uncontrollably?? with my wide range of symptoms i wonder what it could be or if i could have two unrelated problems? or could my muscles be weak from having a gallbladder problem?

im so confused

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  • Please let me know if they found any reason for the involuntary stomach muscle clenching. I have been suffering the exact same thing. I was told anxiety. It's like a wave of this clenching, tighness comes on and no matter how I try to relax the muscles in my stomach I can't. Because I keep doing this everything I eat comes out 15 minutes later as diahrrhea. It's almost as if it's become my bodies habit. Can't enjoy anything and now the ibs.
    Pattimay 1 Replies
    • August 24, 2008
    • 10:59 PM
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  • thats quite a bit like whats going on with me... Docs cant figure it out, all tests are negative, what if i have something thats not known of yet and therefore untestable? either way i took a week off, ate nothing but applesauce rice and toast, had some solid movements and feel much better now, just the occasional soreness under my rib and some nausea, cramps. i just refuse to eat fatty food cuz im terrified of the immediate diarrhea and cramping to follow.good luck let me know if they find anything with you and ill do the same :)
    cazattack 1 Replies
    • August 25, 2008
    • 02:43 AM
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  • Here is a link to alli side effects:http://weight-loss.emedtv.com/alli/alli-side-effects-p2.html I suggest you read this thoroughly as it lists nearly every one of your symptoms. How long did you take this drug? Depending on how long, it is possible you are having some nasty discontinuation symptoms once you started back on your regular diet and including more fatty foods. I would get some good quality pancreatic digestive enzymes and also a good probiotic to help get your system back on track. I like Pan-8 by Progena, but it may be hard to find. Try a few different brands to find one that works best for you. Enzymes will help with your digestion and the probiotic will improve your intestinal flora. A good place online to find these supplements is www.vitacost.com or www.iherb.com. Jarrow is a good reliable brand. I feel that your symptoms should continue to improve once you get this drug out of your system. If you continue to have problems I would suggest a GI specialist and more testing on your gallbladder function, as well as kidney function tests. Best wishesDOM
    acuann 3080 Replies
    • August 25, 2008
    • 03:55 AM
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  • I have alot of the same symptoms, the nausia, dizziness, feeling shakey, weak, I also get big rushes of adrenalin, back pain and abdominal pain, which leave me really tired because I don't get much sleep because of it, I've been to the docs loads of times begging them too help me,they've done all kinds of tests with no problems showing!! now I just feel like they think I'm a drama queen!!! It's real and it's getting me down, I honestly think some days that I'm dying, if any one has the slightest idea I would love to know!!
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  • try acupuncture. a few treatments and you'd be amazed at what it can do for these kinds of symptoms, as well as digestion in general. it's also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid heavy, trans-fatty foods. not to mention diet pills that are so new on the market they haven't been tested long enough to know any associated long-term risks.
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  • I had VERY similar symptoms, and dealt with the same problems for almost 7 years. Finally, after it progressed so much I could no longer deal with it, I went to a GI. He told me it was IBS and would treat it with anti-depressants. I argued with him until finally he sent me for many tests, including a colonoscopy, upper scope, stool sample testing, bloodwork, and a thorough ultrasound of my whole belly. He informed me that all of my results were negative, except for a TIIIIINY layer of "sludge" on my gallbladder. He said he still thought it was IBS caused by depression, but I refused to believe that all my pain was a result of "unhappiness" or "stress", as I had been on anti-depressants before for anxiety and the pain still appeared. So, after much arguing and threats to take business elsewhere and report him for not doing his job, he finally agreed to refer me to have the surgery. After having my gallbladder taken out, I feel like a BRAND NEW PERSON. All of my symptoms are gone, I am having normal bowel movements, and my daily pains are GONE! The surgeon said there was a gall stone 2cm wide lodged in the top of my gallbladder and more inside, and the gallbladder itself was inflamed and swollen. So, although the stones DID NOT SHOW UP in the ultrasound and the GI very adamantly did not believe this was the cause of all my grief, it was indeed the problem and was miraculously solved in a couple of hours.
    libby118 1 Replies
    • September 20, 2011
    • 04:44 PM
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