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sons who are now 11 have been intermittenly vomiting since newborns

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  • Posted By: enchantedgrace
  • May 11, 2009
  • 07:20 PM

My twin sons started this when they were about a week old.
It seems to be food triggered, but am not exactly sure. When they were newborns it was their formula. At that age when they would vomit it wasn't just a little bit, it was everything they ate. It wasn't projectile, but the vomiting was sudden, and quick coming out their nose and mouth.
Then after putting them on soy formula, it got better, but did not go away completely.
The doctors said they were developing fine, so it was nothing to worry about.
Then it seemed that certain things would bother them, like motion sickness, certain smells, light...
It seemed to be a sensitivity problem. After some time we noticed that foods would also trigger the vomiting. Tomatoes, hot dogs, or anything processed. Spicy foods would aggravate them.
It has been very frustrating when my sons would be playing, then all of the sudden they would get nauseated, then have to stop and throw up everything they ate.
Another symptom is they have to stop eating when they start to feel full because that will trigger vomiting also.
I'm frustrated with this and would like to know what the problem is. Doctors aren't going to help us so I'm going to give my sons herbs to help with their upsets.
Thank you ahead of time.
My sons and I are tired of this, and I am frustrated after spending time in the ER last night because of abdominal pain, nausea, and gas~ and being told....*he will be fine* after the doctor told my son he needed to throw up. He does not want to throw up anymore! Neither of them do!


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  • I assume they've had testing done - could you post what things the docs have tested for and ruled out? H Pylori? Parasites? Gluten sensitivities? Anything? Best wishesDOM
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  • They did a test to see how their food was digesting. I don't remember what they test was, but my son had to drink this foam, and have x rays done. That test came back normal. That is the only test they had. I had my one son up at the ER last night because of abdominal pain and the doctor tested his urine and said it was normal too. Any blood test come back ok. Like I said the doctors are telling me that because they are developing ok, then there is nothing to worry about. BUT who wants to go through life with having bouts of vomiting, especially when you are trying to have a good time and it comes out of nowhere!?! Not me or my sons. Thanks!
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  • What are their stools like? Do they suffer from constipation or loose stools? How frequent are they? You might want to have them do a food diary for a few weeks as this may help determine any food triggers causing their problems. Here is a link to help you with some alternative suggestions for nausea/vomiting. It is geared towards cancer patients, but it may be helpful for your situation as well - please pay attention to the description of the acupuncture point PC6, which helps relieve nausea. Slippery Elm and Fresh grated ginger are two herbs I'd recommend. But best to go to an experienced herbalist, naturopath, or acupuncturist to help get the proper treatment. http://integrativetherapies.columbia.edu/pdf/NVWeb.pdf Best wishesDOM
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  • Their bm's are usually stink very bad. Thank you for the website!I am studying herbs right now, and planned in trying ginger, along with Acidophilus. There are a few more herbs I want to try too, but I'm going to stick with the basics for now to see how they react. Thanks again!
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  • Im not sure how to make my own post but i desperatley need help. My son is 4 months old and has had problems with vomiting and severe stomach pain since birth. At first he was gaining well so the docs didnt think it was anything bad. When he hit 3 months old he stopped gaining weight and started losing. He had surgery 4/23/09 for Pyloric stenosis but it wasnt the problem. He then had an endoscopy and a stomach biopsy on 5/8/09 and i was told he had Delayed gastric motilitly, severe acid reflux (gerd), and Milk Soy Proteine Intolerance. He is now completely tube fed (on a continuous drip due to the vomiting) at 33ml an hour. He is still having problem with having spurts of severe pain and the doctors hust arent helping....! From the begining they have told us that none of his symptoms are presenting like anything they have seen before... what could be wrong??? He is fully tube fed and still isnt gaining weight! Im at my wits end and dont know what to do anymore! I cant just keep taking him to the childrens hospital, and its obvious that they cant figure it out seeing as how we have been up there for 2 out of the last 4 weeks.:confused:
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  • Their bm's are usually stink very bad. Thank you for the website!I am studying herbs right now, and planned in trying ginger, along with Acidophilus. There are a few more herbs I want to try too, but I'm going to stick with the basics for now to see how they react. Thanks again! They should have a full stool exam done to rule out parasites and other pathogens in the stool. Parasites are quite common and can cause all of their symptoms. A simple stool test done over several days can help diagnose this, tho it is often hard to diagnose parasites. Do you have animals/pets living with you? If they DO have parasites then an herbal parasite cleanse will clear them of this problem. The three main herbs are wormwood, green or black walnut, and clove. Works fantastic. You can find this at any good healthfood store or online. Best wishesDOM
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  • This is sort of a long shot, but they can now use hydrogen breath tests to test for lactose, fructose, and sorbitol intolerance, which can have a variety of symptoms that are usually similar to those of IBS. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen_Breath_Test I have also heard both good and bad things about the feingold diet, and I really have no evidence to support its claims that it will help hyperactive children, however it is supposed to give a good outline as far as which foods are more or less likely to be allergens, and has a plan as far as which foods to reintroduce when, and may therefore be helpful in determining which foods may cause the vomiting. (I am not suggesting your children are hyper, I just thought I would add a link to this site in case you wanted to take some more likely allergens out of your boys' diets) http://www.feingold.org/ Hope you find an answer soon.
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