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Shortness of breath and Hiatal Hernia

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  • Posted By: nickbunyun
  • August 4, 2011
  • 04:10 AM


On december 25, 2007.. i started being constantly short of breath.
Went thru many doctors and etc, ended up to a GI specialist, and had an endoscopy.

They said i have a small hiatal hernia but it shouldn't bother me.

So i continued to figure out why im short of breath... allergies, chest CT scan.. etc etc...

a few days ago, i had a few bad panic attacks because i felt like i couldnt not breathe. It felt as if I needed to burp (you know that moment before you burp where you feel a air bubble in your throat?) well i felt like i need to burp, but there was no air coming out.
However whenever I did burp they were long ones and felt as if they were coming from past my stomach from my intestines.. :/

I went to an immediate clinic, and they did some tests... ekg, bloodwork, and xray... on the xray the doctor said he saw what seemed to be air, where my hiatal hernia is... so he recommended to go back to a GI specialist and focus on the hiatal hernia.

I plan on doing that, however have any of you experienced this, directly ?
It will be a week or so before I can get an appointment.. and with no insurance i need all research i can gather.

Any tips? Exercises? over the counter meds? Doc said to take prilosec... so im taking that.

I just turned 23, im around 155-160lbs and im 5'11.
Never smoked, never drank alcohol and never done any drugs.

Any... ANY tips on this would be greatly appreciated.. as im trying to get rid of my shortness of breath.. its really takin a toll on my life.

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  • Hey nick,I also have been diagnosed with a "small" hiatal hernia. Like u I haven't gotten to the bottom of it yet. I began having trouble sleeping with it as well trying to gasp for air When I woke up. Anyways, yes the hernia can let your stomach flop all around inside you (providing u have a sliding HH) and that instability of movement can make it tough to catch a full breath (although u don't get air from your esophagus, when u breathe in some air goes down the esophagus and if it gets trapped down in that area and widens the HH for a short time it can put pressure on other things like heart, lungs, etc...). Also, when your stomach protrudes into your HH it also can make it easy for air to get stuck and give u the SOB feeling while physically blocking your diaphragm as well. Only advice I can give is to keep Following up with GI Docs and understand that this problem doesn't go away on it's own EVER. It may truly take surgery before u truly experience total relief. --JF
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