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severe left abdominal pain/diarrhea/chills/vomiting

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  • Posted By: jnk1125
  • May 20, 2012
  • 01:31 PM

I had a very bad pregnancy 5 yrs ago. I couldnt keep any food or liquid down, water included. I lost weight most of my pregnancy, and 70 lbs in the year after. they tried med after med finally settling on a zofran iv pump lasting only 2 weeks due to huge welps covering my body because of alleric reaction so I had to deal with it alone all. even after birth (to a healthy child) I was told that it could take up to 18 mnths for my body to tolerate food again. I went from a size 13 to a size 1. everyone thought I was dying, including myself. im a size 3, taking 3 yrs to gain one size. what was periodic cramps 5 yrs ago along with rare bowel movements considering I rarely kept food down or had the urge to even eat knowing the outcome has blown into several times a week full blown contraction like pain with 7 -10 trips to the bathroom with diarrhea within one or two hrs at a time. I had a pain medicine free child birth. I can tolerate pain, but this pain I cant. I get clammy with chills and want to throw up its so severe, sometimes I do. its getting worse as time goes on. I cant leave a bathroom some days. the pain is so bad, I cant breath, think, or move and it hits like contractions and my only hope is trying to breath thru them. each round of spasms are followed by diarhea most of the time. I do have sharp constant pain lasting an hour or so without a bowel movement but occuring when I eat. Im nautious most of the time after I eat. I still throw up several times a week. ive made a food diary but cant find a pattern. I had an ultrasound of my gallbladder and other right side abdominal organs. the doctor thought my gallbladder might be on my left because I can feel food travel to my left and its very painful but ultrasound ruled that out. no gallstones. the spasms occur under my left rib cage moving down. my stomach makes these painful severe rumbling noises when I eat above my belly button. I get green rings around my fingers periodocally, im assuming pertaining to iron. I dont gain weight. EVER. I normally lose a lb here or there. but im in unbearable pain every couple of days. I was prescribed bentyl for possible ibs but after weeks of taking it, it didnt help a bit. so after trying everthing he can, today I was referrrd to a GI doctor. I looked up Crohns, IBD, IBS, etc but no blood in stools. I can have severe contractions for a dime sized yellowish orange stool. Im scared its serious. It can wake me up in thr middle of the night and some days I dont want to leave my house. the pain is so bad, I went into a panic knowing I have to wait for the GI appnmnt and I have to go thru this even one more time. I already avoid dairy products, fried food, caffeine intake because I know those foods upset my stomach. if anyone has ideas as to what this is, please respond. im only 27 & this has affected my whole life

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