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Severe gastric problems without pain

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  • Posted By: aarbeitje
  • March 28, 2007
  • 10:04 PM

Hey everybody,
I''m having some severe gastric problems and my GP has no idea what it could be...
3 weeks ago I had to throw up acutely. It was only stomach acid (approximately 200cc, so quite a lot) and no food. Since then I suffered from regurgitation. In the first week I tried antacids (Rennie), later a H2-receptor blocker (ranitidine) but they didn't work at all. I was getting nauseous and the regurgitation progressed. After a week I went to my GP and she prescribed a PPI (1 dd 20mg omeprazol). It got worse and I started to eat less and less, and a week later she thought I should try 3dd 10mg domperidon with my omeprazol. I was getting sicker and sicker everytime I tried to eat, but even 4x 20mg domperidon didn't work. Today I went to my GP again because I can't eat more than one slice of white bread 2 or 3 times a day without feeling very sick. If I eat more or heavier (like food containing fat) I get really nauseous for about 2 hours and I have severe regurgitation for about 30 minutes. But what's really strange is the fact that I don't have any abdominal pain at all (and I feel really ok when my stomach is empty) which made my GP confused. I really don't feel like eating anymore (I used to love food and going to very chique restaurants, but now I don't want to eat anything at all) and I've lost 8 kg (18 lbs) in 3 weeks time. Today my doctor took some blood for general testing and a liver function test, and next week I have to go to the gastroenterologist for additional tests... Does any one know what this could be?

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  • If the nausea/vomiting is say around a 1/2 hour or so (basically not immediate) after you eat it could be Gall Bladder. It is strange you don't have pain, but not everyone has the symptoms that textbooks describe. The key is from the fat intolerance. It sounds like your GP is testing your gall bladder and possibly going to check your pancreas function too with the blood tests. Good luck with the GI doc, I am sure he/she will get you all squared away!
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  • I've just heard my blood test results were totally normal... My GP will call me within an hour, so we can discuss this. I wished there was at least something abnormal in my blood, 'cause now I'm scared of all the tests I probably have to undergo. The only thing that comes to my mind is an anatomical abnormality (some stricture, paresis or hiatus hernia). We'll see. It sucks so bad.
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  • I just got back from a 2 day stay in the hospital... I couldn't drink and there was a big risk of dehydration. They did some additional testing and it turned out I had constipation up to my small bowels... I feel a lot better now after 5 enemas and a lot of Movicolon!
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