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Seeking help/advice for my toddler

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  • Posted By: LKQSJH
  • January 18, 2012
  • 04:20 AM

Let me start by saying sorry for the lengthy post but wanted to give as much info as possible if anyone had any ideas.  Starting back on Thurs 01/05 I got a call from my little boys pre-school saying that he had vomited and I needed to pick him up.  He turned 2 in August.  He had a pretty rough day but by friday 01/06 all vomiting had stopped.  He didn't have much of an appetite over the weekend and acted more weak/tired than normal and still had a low grade fever and a cough so we took him to his peditrician on monday 01/09.  The pediatrician told us on top of being slightly dehydrated he was fighting an ear infection and RSV.  They gave him an IV to get him hydrated and gave him an antibiotic and breathing treatments.  They asked us to come back Tues so they could monitor his RSV.  Tues all was well and they set another follow up for friday 01/13.  As of Friday they told us no more breathing treatments were needed and he should be good to go.  The only lingering symptom he had was runny stools.  He had an excellent appetite and energy that day as well.  We stayed home all weekend as at that point I had cought the stomach bug that was going around our house.  Saturday he was pretty normal but Sunday i noticed a low grade fever coming back and a cough again.  This is where it gets much more intense.  2:00 am he woke up screaming in agonizing pain shouting "my tummy, my tummy" over and over.  It took almost 2 hours to get him to calm down.  I was on the phone with the nurse on call from his peditricians office trying to find out if I should take him to the ER.  He was trembling in pain.  Intially they nurse and I thought it to be bad gas pains but she scheduled us to come in when the office opened at 8.  He woke up again at about 5:30 am doing the exact same thing.  He was back asleep by about 6:30 but still uncomfortable with short breaths.  He screamed the entire way to the doctor still saying "my tummy, my tummy".  When we arrived the pediatician hit us with bad news.  She said she needed to call the ems to transport us to the hospital and stated she felt pretty sure he had pneumonia.  We arrived to the ER around 10:00 am and a team of doctors began to question us on the history.  They started with a chest xray.  They said they could see a dark spot in the lower lung that could be a sign of pneumonia but they didn't think that would be causing the severe stomach discomfort he was displaying.  By this time he was in alot of pain and wanted to stay as flat and rigid as possible.  I have never seen him lay so still.  They sent us out for an ultrasound and abdominal xrays to look for apendicitis.  They were unable to confirm via that so they asked us to do a CT scan.  During this time they gave him some morphine for pain and a dose of rochephin to start to treat for pneumonia.  After the CT they told us it was inconclusive.  They said they could see fluid in the abdomen which could indicate apendicitis but because of full bladder they could not see the appendix.  By this time we have been admited to the hospital for observation.  They said they were going to stop pain meds and antibiotics to see if they appendictis seemed to progress.  We could not get him to urinate so they did another cath. that stays in so they could drain the bladder to make sure no discomfort was from that (up until the first cath he was still urinating fine and test for uti came back negative).  As of this morning (tues 01/17) he did not wake with stom pain.  He rested really well through the night.  After the physical exam coupled with another review of the CT by a pediatric radiologist they said they did not think it was appendictis.  They ordered another round of xrays to see where we were on the pneumonia.  The xrays had not changed and white blood cell count was down.  Still a small collapsed portion on his lower lung but not what they typically see from pneumonia.  He looked much better today and while resting alot acted much more like my 2 year old.  The doc said we should take out the cath and give him food and drink to see if he can urinate now and just see where it goes.  Around 3:00 pm we noticed discomfort, it built into another round of crying about his tummy.  He finally had a bowel movement after nearly 48 hours and seemed to have relief.  His appetite has been good since then and he is def. urinating normally.  They restarted the rocephin and said if all was well tomorrow they would send us home with another round of antibiotics but nobody can tell me what they are treating.  I feel like I am on an episode of House where they get an idea and its wrong, get another and its wrong, etc.  Do things like this really just "go away"? 

My question is what do I need to ask these docs?  I am no medical guru by all means but to me we haven't fixed any problems.  The last time the doc was in he said that he really couldn't tell me what they he had but if he was better, that was really what was important.  While I agree, i don't want to go home and 2 days from now be back to square 1.  I have faith/trust in my childs medical providers but I def. want to make sure I am speaking for him and making sure they do everything in their power for him.  One other thing he just started doing within the last hour is being shaky.  Its more in his arms and legs but could it be another symtom?  The nurse doesn't seem to think anything of it because it isn't major but its def not normal and it just started. Any suggestions?

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