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Scared of going to the toilet

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 29, 2008
  • 02:52 PM

Hi, I'm 18, and lately I've been worried about going to the toilet for the reason i will explain in this long essay : /

Ok, so a year ago I was going to the toilet, and I came out and I had this very odd feeling above my **m are near the bottom of my back, after about 4 days it went away, so i thought meh it's prolly just some trapped gas or something, about a month or 2 later I got the same problem which again went away after about 2 days this time again I thought it was nothing so I left it.
at this point I would like to the mention that I have been straining passing stool for many years now so just bare that in mind as I continue.
Now I stated getting again not long after and it kept going then coming then going then coming, I started to notice mucus in my stool, (as well as a couple of spots of blood whic I realized were from a cut I have on my butt cheak, don' ask...)

By this point I was a little worried so I looked over the internet and found about IBS and was like, oooooohhh!!! thats probably my problem so i read some of the home treatment methods and tried them.... that didn't work. So lately it's gotten worse and worse, and now I am worried about going to the toilet. my toilet patterns are completely random sometime it will be 2 days between going then BAM! randomly I will go like 4 times in 1 days, even when i don't need to because it feels liek I haven't completely finished. Also it varies from large to small, and from light to dark stool at complete random times, it's not like im eating anything different than what I always eat...
and finally my worst most scary thing is that lately it feels like my **s is coming out of me if yuo get what I mean, which leads me to my final question, could all these events, teh mucus, the straining teh random stool patterns and shapes have led to me having rectal prolapse??? it's not like when i go I have to push it back in GOD NO! it goes in by it's self but it sticks out when I strain then goes back in when I stop, it's also kinda bright red, even though there is no blood.

Can anyone help me? and please no, GO SEE A DOCTOR comments I would like to get some answers before I do such I thing so i can explain it in detail more etc. I would be forever greatful, even just knowing what the problem is would put my mind at ease...

Many thanks :)

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  • i wonder if you have polyps or hemmorhoids
    sagittarius323 1 Replies
    • September 30, 2008
    • 03:15 PM
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  • at this point I would like to the mention that I have been straining passing stool for many years now so just bare that in mind as I continue.Be careful straining to have a bowel movement, it could cause you to have a stroke. Not to add to your current fears but it's a real possibility.
    alias2277b 18 Replies
    • October 1, 2008
    • 02:12 PM
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