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Ruq Pain !

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  • Posted By: Brooklea
  • December 5, 2007
  • 04:45 PM

I have had Recurrent Right Upper Quadrant abdominal pain 3-4 years. It is accompanied by Nausea Headache and Fever and occasional Constipation. Pain is sometimes relieved by changing positions and sometimes by pressing on the area where the pain is until it stops. Pain is sharp and stabbing and comes in waves. When I move around or try to do daily activities like cleaning, picking up my 4 year old the pain seems to get worse. I have lost weight and not been able to gain even though I am eating good foods on a regular basis. I weigh 100 lbs. Sometimes the pain is increased by eating foods that are spicy or fatty. Occasionally antacids help but do not get rid of the pain completely. Pain is usually not helped with prescription pain medicine. Seems to make it worse it seems.

Before this pain started in my Right Upper Quadrant, I had had two previous uncomplicated abortions. One was performed about 5-7 weeks and one at about 8-10 weeks gestation.

I had Exploratory Surgery 3 years ago and the doctor found numerous adhesions all throughout my abdomen Even though I had not had any previous surgeries. He removed my appendix and sent me home. I felt better and had NO pain whatsoever for about 3 months after the surgery. Then the pain came back. So I went back to my OBGYN and he decided to go back in and see if it was my gallbladder even though the Hida scan came back normal and none of the ultrasounds showed any abnormalities. When he performed the surgery he found More Adhesions. So he removed my gallbladder and removed more adhesions. Then after that surgery I felt good for the same amount of time (about 3 or 4 months) and then the pain returned.

I have had numerous blood word done and a CAT scan that seemed to not show any complications. I was diagnosed in the ER on Wednesday the 28th of November with GERD and a non- specific headache. I have since been on medication for GERD and the non- specific headache, drinking a lot of water, and watching what I eat. And also eating smaller meals and avoiding spicy and fatty foods. I was given a liquid laxative at the ER because the doctor said I was severely constipated. After drinking that I was able to have a normal bowel movement and have still to this day been going to the bathroom at least twice a day. But the pain has returned. I have not done anything or eaten anything out of the ordinary. It came on strong last night December the 3rd. And has since been present coming in waves. I have been running a mild to low-grade fever for the past three weeks. 99.9 to 102.0.

I have an appointment with a GI specialist who is a well known and very good Doctor on the 31st of December. I am trying to hold out and find some relief until I can go see this specialist.

I also had a endoscope done where they seemed to have found that I have a “Slowed digestive system”. I was given prevacid and told to return home. So, that didn’t help one bit so I came back to the same doctor and he did some test to see the process of digestion where I would eat eggs and toast. Well, I never remember what the doc said from then on out because the pain seemed to subside for a while. So, with that being said I have waves of pain and it seems to come and go. Never constant and it seems to last for months at a time and the goes away.

List of symptoms that may or may not be related:

Pain in Upper Right Quadrant Never seems to hurt in any other spot and it is located in the same spot every time I have this pain.
Nausea, comes in waves and never constant.
Mild to low Grade fever 99.9 to 102.0. for the last three weeks.
Constipation that has since went away with the medicine I am taking (Peri-Colace).
Pain comes in waves and never constant and can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours at a time with the pain coming on and then stopping and then coming back.
Recently I have had headaches that are not helped by the use of Ibuprofen.
Dizziness or feeling faint when performing daily activities and am easily worn out and feel drained of energy.
Recently my Periods have been heavy and large clots. And also more cramping than usual.
Just an overall feeling of no energy weak dizzy and pain in upper right quadrant. Can anyone help me ? Anyone wth the same symptoms ?

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  • You have the almost-exact same symptoms I am having, and I have no diagnosis yet. I've seen every doctor from neurologist to gastro, etc. Multiple tests....Have they checked your pancreatic enzymes yet? I just got mine checked today so hopefully they'll get back to me.Look up pancreatitis. It would explain a lot for both of us..I'm losing weight without changing my diet...only thing Is i stray away from more fatty and greasey foods because the pain gets horrible after that! It started with pain in my upper left quadriant...now it's both left and right! It also seems to get worse at night, and never goes away when I change positions. laying down feels like it would help, but it doesn't totally.so far i've had 3 blood tests, urinalysis, mri on brain, eeg, heart monitor, endoscopy, small bowel series, numerous x-rays, put on anti-spasms meds, anti arthritis, tramadol (pain), and even pills to help push food through me faster. It seems like my body isn't properly digesting food. So if you come across anything or have a diagnosis please tell me! But try checking your pancreatic enzymes...lipase and amalayse (spelling?)
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    • January 14, 2008
    • 10:03 PM
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  • I Just had Surgery To see what my problem was and I had adhesions all inside my stomach in the exact place where I was hurting and A Large one attached to my liver. And ever since the surgery to release them I have been pain free!! Since February 14th 2008 ! But the adhesions are Scar Tissue that usually does not cause pain unless its attached to some other organ. I would strongly reccomend if you have had previous surgeries to go to a general surgeon and get them to open you up and see whats going on in there. Its kinda a last resort but it worked for me because when they opened me up they saw why I was in so much pain. And the pain from the surgery only lasted about 3 or 4 days. And after about 5 days I was walking around walmart and other stores that I had not been able to do Since my pain first started ! So I storngly reccomend you to see a general surgeon if you have had any previous surgeries because scar tissue is caused from having surgery or sometimes just grows on its own. Good luck to you !!!!!!!! I know how you feel beleive me !!! And it sucks !!!
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