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RELIEF for abdominal pain/bloating and other symptoms

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  • Posted By: tsvety
  • September 23, 2007
  • 03:07 PM

First, my story...
My pain /abdominal/ started as a pain in the left kidney, back/neck pain and 38 deg. temperature. I thought that I
had Pyelonephritis /kidney infection/ again, because I had suffered from it just 2 months ago.
I was bloated after eating in the evening and I had a white tongue for 2 months, but I didn't pay it much attention
at the time. So I went to see a nefrologist for my kidney and the doctor said that my blood test doesn't show a
kidney infection, but something more like colitis. While searching to what doctor I should go I started having
strange burning in my chest, there were more like crises - one minute I'm fine, but the next I have headache, then
shortnes of breath, my heart pounding very fast, it got relieved by going to the toilet for nr.2, and just standing
upright and walking about. I also felt dizzy for the time being. Now I think they had some connection whether I ate
on time, or if I ate too much.

By the end of the week, after having some small amount backon, white cheese and a few fried chicken hearts, I
started having funny feelings in my stomach. At one point I felt a burning ot the right of stomach, apparently what
I thought was one of my ovaries.;) I felt warm in that place and felt extremely sick so I rushed to the ER. They
checked me up and the next morning removed my apendix. I thought that was it. I was on gentamicine while in
hospital and a little after for my kidneys. I went home with no problems and ate as I would normaly and went to the
loo normaly too. :) I thought I was rid of the pain.

Then the antibiotics course finished... and there it was all over again. This time it hurted were my gallblader is.
Just below the righthand side of my rib cage. My ribs seemed to close in and really did feel like a cage!
My chest burned, heart pounded, my lungs seemed to not like me either and did their own fast breathing and the pain
was enormous.It started hurting in the middle of my chest too. Above the belly, apparently where it hurts for
gastritis, as I learned much later. Went to the ER, thinking again that I must be dying now. They told me that they
only cared for my stomach?! and sent me home again to come back when the team that operated me was on duty /in two
days/. I went then to my GP. She told me that I've been through a lot and I am just probably having a panic attack.
Funny thing though I've had a panic attack once, a bad one - I couldn't walk by the time I got to ER, and it didn't
feel like this!

Finally I found a friend of a friend that was abdominal surgeon and during one of my attacks I called him late in
the evening. I had also started having trouble sleeping, cause many times I had to almost be sitting to be okay to
fall asleep. He said to get Nexium 40 and Motillium, so I did. I immediately felt better when I took them! I slept
like a baby! Then I went to a gastroenterologist as he told me, and my abdominal organs were checked /I didn't go
to the ER anymore, cause I was scared they will take my gall blader out in no time, before they actually figure out
what IS wrong with me/ and the doctor told me that everything was fine with them. She diagnosed me with gastritis,
duodentis and colon irratibile. I was prescribed to take Probitor 20 once a day for a month! AND a very
mmm...narrow? diet until I heal. Nevertheless I still had from time to time something like fizzing and boiling in
my stomach, although rearly, and sometimes pain. I went to another gastroenterologist - just to be sure, because I
felt they were diagnosing me without much sufficient testing. I was tested for H.pylory too and it was negative! I
also felt like being sick and imediatelly bloated even by TWO BITES of food like cabbage, something with black
pepper in it and other foods. The other doctor said I had GERD, but to finish off my medication since the pills I
was taking are for all the above diagnoses.

By the end of the month of taking Probitor I had finally had pain in the abdomen!! The pain wasn't all over the
place like before, but lockalised around my belly. When I ate the food just seemed to get stuck there and stay
there. I was constipated, I had gasses and from time to time I had to sleep again sitting because of the reflux
burning i was feeling to be going up to lungs and oesophagus!!! ;( I went to the doctor, cause my meds were going to be finished soon and I had 4-5 days in a row that had constant pain
around belly, it wasn't relieved by food and I couldn't go to the toilet. ;( They did a barium x-ray and it
confirmed that I have damage to the lining of stomach and duodenum. Doctor again said probably small peptic ulcer.
This time I started to believe it too. Also I read here and the internet for ulcers.

After all I might be too young for ulcers, but I smoke 2 packets a day, drink often, like spicy food. My diet was
poor and I usually had my first meal for the day about 1-2-3 pm or whenever I felt like it. Although I ate when I
was hungry. I didn't excersise often either! Not to mention that I tend to get really stressed at work and recently
changed jobs, and also by emotional turmoil, which was also pretty much and for a long time. And not least - I had
a recent OPERATION!

All of these separately or alone for a long time causes gastritis, then ulcers! Mind you - I am
NOT a doctor, but it is what I became to understand from doctors, internet and trying different food, to see what I
CAN eat. Also stomach ulcers I understood that are relieved by eating, rather than peptic ones they hurt before and after.

So below is sort of a manual/some relief of what is helping me, and I hope it will help any of you.
So what should you do... if you have simillar symptoms.

1. Go to a gastroenterologist, preferrably a good one. ;)

2. Get checked for H.pylory and stomach, peptic ulcers.
/I found the barium x-ray to do the job, cause I didn't want to get pocked and shoved tubes down my throat.
The damaged lyning can be seen with them./

3. Start taking the meds the doctor gives you.
/If you have the same stuff they will probably be some sort of proton pump inhibitors to reduce your stomach
acidity - this will HELP with HEALING of your lining/ulcers!! But may cause you some constipation, diarreah etc./

4. Go on a STRICT diet! AND EAT AT SAME TIME EVERY DAY. No alc, cigarettes etc. See below for possible food to eat.
/Whatever is happening to your gastrointestinal system, is most likely caused by food. Not taking it, not taking
what you should, or taking too much so you have to stop torturing it and alow it to heal!! This will be good for
you top to bottom - intestines too./

5. VERY IMPORTANT is to start taking some HERBS by yourself - you doctor won't tell you that!
The ONLY thing that gave me imediate and lasting relief is FLAX SEED-LINESEED. IT RESTORES the lining of stomach,
duodenum. It RELIEVED the bloating!! Food wasn't stuck anymore in my stomach!! And all this - on the first day I
took it!

For bloating/gases/pain and intestinal trouble, as I understood is caused often when the bacteria there is
destroyed. This can be because of gastritis, ulcer maybe or operation. I was perscribed meds for restoration of the
intestinal bacteria - Lactoflour. I didn't take this, because in my country we have a special bacteria that is in
OUR MILK YOUGHURT, but sorry it is not in yours. So you'll have to take the meds. Your youghurt won't help you with
that, but you can eat it if you like ;).

For gas - I used Espumisan, but you can use whatever you like. It helped me after my food wasn't stuck anymore in
the middle, by the FLAX SEED and I started passing gas from where I should not constantly burping when I ate or
drank. /Before even water used to get stuck there and I felt full and bloated./

Generally, I started also taking Spirulina algae, just to make up for the strict diet and give a boost to my immune
system. They are good for dieting, cause it will take some of that hunger feeling all the time too! It really would
need all the help you can get to recover from this! Sadly, recovery is not fast! It took me years to get gastritis,
then ulcer, why would it heal overnight ;( It just doesn't work like this.
AND you have to HEAL it, so it disappears. If you don't you will get a life time with it. My father has also
gastritis and ulcer and he is a terrible patient. He relieves himself with 2-3 days with omeprazole and then
continues eating, drinking, smoking. But not-healed the ulcer returns! And he has crises, as I read they return
more often in spring and autumn!

Currently I am on a second month strict dieting, Probitor, Motillium and just started taking Espumisan and duphalac
/for the constipation/ and the Spirulina algae. The bigger difference, which felt towards getting better was when I
started taking the FLAX SEED!!!!!!! And 3 black olives with every meal!
It is because of this seed that I decided to share my story, because it really isn't public knowledge that it helps
so MUCH!

ALSO you can take PROPOLIS tinkture. It is alc and propolis mixture, but don't worry with water and stirred well
your insides won't feel it! With me wasn't that much effect as the LINESEED, but it helps more the STOMACH - if
there is where the trouble is. It covers it with this propolis particles that isolate the ulcer from the acid and
again it alows it to heal! Apparently maybe I didn't use it for long enough...only 3-4 days... I will probably
start with it again and stick with it this time.

2 small spoons, wash them a little, pour boiling water over them in a mug /250ml/ and then drink the water after
30-40 minutes. 3 times a day before meals.

/below, post too long/

I HOPE this helps someone! If it does - PLEASE, please write below your story/symptoms and how/why this helped you so that
OTHERS LIKE YOU can see it, recognise it, KNOW that it works and HELP themselves.

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  • I really hope this helps anyone... I've spent so much time looking on the net searching for some info of what can I eat, what should I do, where should I go/ to which doc... And there is info all over the place just what I cannot eat, but when I tried to eat other stuff that wasn't supposted to torture me, it turned out i cannot eat it either.And reading here in the other thereads about everyones gastro problems, I could relate to, made me feel very sad. :( And everyone searching for answers, but no deffinate relief suggestions. This is why I wrote down all that works for me... I hope it is useful. Mind you I AM NOT a doctor, so you may not have what I have, so you always should consult your doctor.If anyone wants to add to what I wrote - PLEASE do... I am still trying to get better and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated if you have found anything that works for the abdomen pain, bloating, ulcers.Recipes too are very welcome... if you have found anything that is edible please share...:) I can put my own recipes in more detail below if anyone is interested, because there are different versions in the cousine of different countries.Not least- if you just feel like talking ... drop a note. :) FLAX SEED/LINESEED 2 small spoons, wash them a little, pour boiling water over them in a mug /250ml/ and then drink the water after 30-40 minutes. 3 times a day before meals.2 small spoons, wash them a little, ground them to powder /maybe with those things for coffee?/.3 times a day with meals. /Just sprinkle it on something./ DIET/If you just started having problems you may need to cut more food out. Just try if, but if something doesn't feel good then leave it out./1. Milk products- milk, white cheese /feta/, soft yellow cheese, butter, little cream. Basically all products, but no herbs in them, go low on salt. Best is feta cheese but you may need to soak it in water to get some of the salt out. Yellow cheese is ok if it is low fat. No hard flavoured cheeses.2. Meat and eggs - meat without skin, grease etc (chicken is best, fish, little veal is ok, sausage if there aren't spices in it, ham if it is not smoked!) Boiled eggs, omlette - but not fried!! Creams with egg, but check other ingridients.3. Bread, spaghetti, soya etc.4. Vegetables - potatos, carrots, pumpkin, peeled fresh tomatoes, cucumber.5. Fruits - baked apples, peeled; bananas, peaches peeled.6. Extra virgin oil; low fat butter.7. Herb tea /no mint/, alcaline mineral waters.8. Herbs- salt, sugar /not too much/.NOTE: I've left some stuff out, cause I didn't know how to translate it. But look it up on the internet dieting for ulcers should be ok for you. THINGS NOT TO EAT!!!Pork meat, smoked food, yellow cheese (hard,strong flavored whatever you call it, only very light yellow cheese); TINNED CANS of anything!!! IF you didn't prepare it yourself - it is VERY probable that you can't eat it! Under spices they probably didn't write black peper too! FRIED FOOD or BREADED. Chocolate. ONION AND GARLIC. Especially FRIED! Cabbage - the whole family. As well as the BEAN family-beans, lentils etc. NUTS! Grease, fat etc. ALCOHOL, CIGARETTES. BLACK PEPER or other SPICEY herb./Red pepper seems ok if not spicy/. NO FIZZY drinks or juices from CITRUS fruits. Bananna is ok. NO Coffee, even decaf. MOST of the spices used to season, cook food with.Recipes:1. Vegetable soup, Chicken soup, Beef soup, Soup with Meat balls;/No herbs though/2. Chicken and potatos in oven, with little extra virgin oil on bottom, and water to cover chiped potatoes; /the added water makes the meat and potatos softer and easier on stomach/Potatoes, carrots with minced meat /if you are from UK-maybe is good to get that blood out of meat before cooking/, cover it with mix of youghurt and egg before taking it out of oven;Mashed potatoes with boiled carrots with chicken/fish. Tuna fish in oil on bread for a snack or salad. Greek salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper, olives and extra virgin oil.3. Deserts- things with little sugar; Waffles with light cream; Croissant with white fillings.That's all for now. Have a painless day! :o
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    • September 25, 2007
    • 10:30 AM
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  • Hi tsvety,I also have gastritis altough no ulcer. I am 28.5 years old, slim, eat normally quite healthily, don't smoke or drink. But I do have a sweet tooth (chocolate, doughnuts, croissants, decaf coffee). I previously had some stomachache, very rarely, but never something so constant. I think I cuased all this by eating too much chocolate every single day for many moths at work out of boredom and sometimes stress.This started approx 7-8 months ago. I had gastroscopy, and all the other tests you mentioned. The diagnosis was non-ulcer dyspepsia, gastritis and small hiatus hernia.The symptoms like yours: very bloated, winds - every evening and morning, burping - every morning, diahrrea, constipation, pain on top of my stomach, so in the whole under my breasts, a bit lower.First few days all i ate was dry sweedish bread with no yeast with honey and still mineral water and special gastritis tea I found. Then after a week I started eating boiled chicken and boiled potatoes and boiled carrots for a month. Now I eat everything except anything fried, no spices, no dairy products (as I also got tested for lactose intolerance and they said I was lactose intolerant so no milk/milk products allowed). Also eat no cabbage/similar, no onion, no garlic, no tomato sauce or any other sauces at all, no chocolate except now 2 small pieces of dark chocolate organic from Starbucks. No English tea except the herbal tea for digestion, or camomile tea is ok too. Cut down sugar too - I have honey instead. In the morning I have oats with soya milk and a bit of hone - really nice. And I have pasta and bread, i also eat tuna and turkey and chicken, but mainly all boiled. Definitely no takeaways or eating out. In a good restaurant i would just order plain pasta/veggies/plain meat.Only apples with no skin, banana and ocassional orange/satsuma. No juices of any kind (as acidy), no cola or similar, avoid alcohol too. No cream in any way, no crisps.I hope this helped. I already feel a lot better although still ocassionally bad.. But it will pass I hope.. And I just have to eat healthy food in the future and try not to ruin my stomach again! Nice to hear your story too
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  • Hi tsvety,I also have gastritis altough no ulcer. ....Thank you for your reply! I just want to post some feed back on how it all turned out in the end. I got much better and this year I started eating everything. It took 5-6 months strict dieting and taking first 2 months linen seed tea, then Udo's 3-6-9 linen seed pills and Spirulina algae... Now I can eat everything. ;o) I'm very happy. Spring time passed with no ulcer pains and gastritis - they didn't appear. ;o)) I have no trouble eating, but I still eat less fried food, four meals a day and no eating in the evening after eight o'clock.I even managed to get pregnant, which I "blame" to the fact that my body finally got in a better condition. So, my advice still is... find the right herbs and linen seed, and get better. The pills for lowering your stomach acid are not your life time problem solver.
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  • Thanks so much for the info. I have had unexplained bloating from the waist down thru the thighs for over a year and constipation. After I eat I have trouble breathing because of the swelling. Two gastro docs said nothing wrong on tests and dumped me on OB/GYN doc. Everything checked there and ok on tests. Not sure what to do now.
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    • December 30, 2008
    • 04:09 PM
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