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Post-Hernia Discomfort and Abdominal Mass

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  • Posted By: Murphy
  • May 28, 2007
  • 08:34 AM

Alright, so first off, as the topic states, I'm having two things which might not be related at all, but I'm taking an educated guess and saying they most likely are.

I am 2 months shy of being 20. I had surgery on a left inguinal hernia about a year and a half ago. Ironically I had no pain with the hernia, and then once I had corrective surgery, I've had a constant small pain and discomfort in the region ever since. Using doctor terms, if I had to rate the pain on a scale of 1-10, it'd be a 1-3, varying from time to time, depending on my activities. Meaning, it really wasn't a bad enough pain to do something about, and could easily be ignored and forgotten about, much like paper cuts and other minor pains. When standing while experiencing pain, I noticed that if I apply pressure to the incision scar, it would relieve pain, and then when releasing the pressure, it feels almost as if something hard is pressing against the site, like a bubble. At the post-op checkup a week later, I asked the doctor if I had an incisional hernia, as it felt like one and the symptoms seemed too right. He had a look at it and said it was simply hardened scar tissue that needed to break up and such, which I didn't really buy for one minute. However, since the pain wasn't bad at all and I can still do all my activities as normal, I just let it slide and have been living with this minor annoyance. It hasn't been progressing at all, but hasn't been getting better either. Any ideas to shed light on what it could be? Perhaps just damaged nerves?

As for the second topic, and a more important reason I'm posting here. About 2-3 weeks ago, I noticed my upper abdominal muscles on the left and right side aren't matching. My left side (also the hernia side) was clearly bigger. A painless slight buldge on my top-left abdominal muscle. Hasn't gotten bigger, but is definitely giving me a dragging sensation and slightly annoying when leaning in certain positions, but never any pain at all. If you were to look at my abdomen from my eyes, looking down towards my belly button from my head, the two muscles look like this:


When feeling it, it's extremely hard to tell what the buldge is from, as they seem very similar in every way except size. No lumps or masses, per say, just an increase in size and a dragging sensation. I can feel the mass best when I'm on my belly, as I clearly feel "lop-sided" in the abdominal region. Was wondering what this could be, and if it could have any relation to my hernia site which is about 6 inches below.

Thanks in advance!

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  • yes brother, i have the same thing. the mass is on my right side. i've had two inguinal hurneas repaired, atleast a year since the last one. last night i actually saw the mass moving around, getting bigger and smaller. i'm researching this like a madman and all i can find is it may be IBS. I have been working out for 6 months now pretty hard, taking alot of protein powders and such so i'm cutting back on that but it doesnt seem to be doing anything yet
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • August 10, 2008
    • 07:37 PM
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  • Just thought I would post here to let you know what happened to to my mom after the Doctor's thought that she had a hernia. Hello all, I need some advice/help please!!! To make it a short story: My 64 year old mother was seen on Monday June 16th, 2008 for pain and a bulge in her lower left abdomin. Primary care Doctor said it was a possible Hernia and gave a referral to a general surgeon. Seen the surgeon on that Wednesday the 18th. He looked at her abdomin and pushed a little and agreed that it was a hernia and said he could do the operation on that Friday the 20th. So within 1 week we were happy that this would be taken care of and she would be home after a couple of days. The Doctor wanted to keep her for a day or 2 since she was considered to be a high risk patient. She had just had a back surgery in January for spinal decompression and some fusion. She had a difficult recovery from the back surgery but was recovering at home and was eating properly, walking with a cane and living on her own. She has had cronic pain and back problems for years but with her recent surgery we were hoping that she would be back to normal in a few months. She was on pain medication and 15 other meds, 3 for high blood pressure, 2 for depression, hormones, etc. When she develpoed this abdominal pain it was a small setback, or so we thought. Ok where is she today? In a hospital/nursing home on a feeding tube after having 2-3 feet of intestines and bowel removed. Bowel obstruction I guess. This was preformed by the General Surgeon after opening her up and finding that it wasn't a hernia! They had done no x-rays before hand to make sure that it was a hernia! There was no choice given to her before hand telling her that this was a HUGE surgery and that there were many risks involved. The Doctor came out after the surgery and told me what he had done and said that she should recover fine and that he had no idea how she had been eating at all. Then told me he was going to put her in an induced coma for 2 days and then check for leaks in her intestines and bowel and sew her back up on Sunday afternoon. That this was better for her instead of having her wake up then go under again for the second surgery. What could I do but say ok? After the 2nd surgery he said that there was still a small leak in her bowel but that it should heal on its' own within a month but that she would be able to go home before that. Then she started vomiting bile and had a temperature of 102-103 at times and was being given tons on antibiotics. It all went down hill from there. She developed and abscess or Fistula in her stomach. Caught a staph infection and on and on. She cannot walk on her own now and has lost 35 lbs. Has been on this feeding tube for 3 months and developed diabetes which they say is from the high glucose levels in the nutrition they give her through the tube. Now they said she may never eat again. Oh and after 2 or 3 weeks the original surgeon passed her on to an associate and has not even bothered to check on her. Now they moved her to another place and are preparing her to come home in 2 weeks. Still not being able to eat anything and only being able to have water. I feel that the original surgeon did something wrong and I don't know what steps to take. Please help!! Oh and they put a tube in her stomach so that any stomach content can drain into a bag and bile is still comig out of the tube from her stomach.
    marcslove 1 Replies
    • August 24, 2008
    • 02:34 PM
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