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please i am actually goin to kill myself the pain is unbearable

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  • Posted By: ally70
  • December 16, 2008
  • 04:43 PM

Irritable bowel syndrome(diagnosed) ,
constant need to urinate and sharp pain also,
constant tiredness weakness and dizziness ,
body tremours especially in the hands,
horrible discomfort after eating and increased pulse rate after eating and heavyness when I breath
, underweight ,
unable to tell if I am hungry or not ,
muscle pain and other body pains,
feel like I am getting a fever a lot or like I am comin on wit something ,
headaches all types sharp pains,
bloated stomach ,
pale dry dull skin,
I think I have a weak immune system,
Dizzyness and light headed when I move,
unable to do much exercise as it makes me feel sick and dizzy,
constant nausea and stomach pains,
bad reaction to alcohol,
travel sickness,
get very pain stomach pains and get weak and shaky at the time of my period,
also a feeling like I am going to collapse often or like go unconscious. constant body heavyness find it hard to like carry myself around.
I also feel hungry even after I eat sumtimes.
I feel like stoned like high or something like im on drugs or something.
These symptoms have been here for around 2 yrs or even longer but they keep getting worse.

Current medication: lustral 100 and concerta 54 been on it for just over a year

Tests I have received ; full ultra sound , barrium swallow , camera test into the stomach , urine and blood tests, mri scan (1 year ago), blood pressure ,

All came back normal with only slightly low blood pressure.
Btw I am 18 Caucasian and have no previous sever illness or infections and I eat well .
I don’t have coelic disease

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  • This link might help you out: http://www.medical-library.net/mercury_toxicity.html (This Dr. knows his stuff.)There is a wealth of information here. May help you get to the root of your illness. I'm not a doc(not that most would have a clue about this), but to me it sounds like it could be a heavy metal toxicity.By the way, you can have gluten intolerance without having Celiac. I havehad some of the same symptoms and have been on the gluten free diet for just over a year. While not a cure for my condition it has made a major difference in amount of pain I experience. It can be challenging(virtually impossible to safely eat out), but may be worth a two week trial. But you have to be really careful about reading ingredients and looking them up when unsure.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 20, 2008
    • 08:36 AM
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  • I just started having pain for two nights now when I lay down. When I turn on my side it goes away. I've been doing a lot of research and I am going to do a body cleanse after Christmas. Have you tried a body cleanse or colon cleanse ? It's worth a try, I've read positive results are most likely. A body cleanse will remove metals, toxins, and parasites from your body and flush the intestines. Do a search and research it to see if it's for you. Good luck and hang in there.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 21, 2008
    • 06:50 AM
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  • I did my cleanse. I do not have stomach pain anymore, and even better, my tongue ulcer I've had for six months is gone. The ulcer has been gone for just over a week and a half now. It usually would disappear for only a few days then come back for over a month. I am very happy with no more burning on my tongue and it looks normal again. I did more than just a body cleanse, I avoided my intake of poisons manufactured in our food we eat. At the same time I started the cleanse, I looked at every label of everything I ate and made sure it did not have "monosodium glutamate, sucralose, and aspartame". I believe those ingredients were responsible for my problems. The cleanse helped get it out of my system. I eat hot salsa, pizza, drink coffee, corn chips and all kinds of food, all of them do not contain the poisons (read the ingredients). I used "FirstCleanse" for two weeks. Near the end of this cleanse, my stomach pain was almost gone, and my tongue ulcer went away a few days before I ended this cleanse. I decided to keep going on a cleanse and purchased "Detox7". Within three days after starting this second cleanse, my stomach pain was gone. My tongue is the best thing that came out of this. I was in a lot of pain with the ulcer and I thought I had cancer. I did see a doctor two months ago and he diagnosed it as "aphthous ulcer". I saw another doctor for the stomach pain right before I started the cleanse and she said I was just constipated. She advised me not to do the cleansing. I stopped taking her prescription and did the cleanse. I have not felt this normal physically and mentally in months. I hope others will benefit from this like I did because I think this is the cure for a lot of ailments, not just stomach pain and tongue ulcers.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 22, 2009
    • 01:12 AM
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