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Please Help! Constipation for years!

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  • Posted By: Lily72
  • March 22, 2010
  • 09:07 AM


I am a sixteen-year old girl and am known to be somewhat of a worry wart/stresscase so forgive me if this is a stupid thing to be worrying about.

When I was little, I had an irrational phobia of the bathroom. Whenever I went pee, I had to have someone with me. Eventually it got so bad that I started holding in my bowel movements. I did it for years. I stopped, of course, when I got over my fear, however, I was never exactly regular and sometimes I still feel an urge to hold it back (old habits die hard, I guess) but things have been fine. Up until late September of '09. Now, whenever I go to the bathroom, I have to strain hard and it comes out in little hard balls. It's gotten to the point where I go about every two weeks and it's really hard. If it builds up inside of me for over two weeks, I get horrible cramping and explosive diarrhea.

I am also slightly overweight and, like I said, a stresscase.

Does anyone else have the same problem? Could stress be making it worse? I've been thinking of taking stool softeners. Would they help?

PLEASE HELP! I'm getting worried!


PS: It's gotten really bad recently but my family just started a new diet. Could that have something to do with it?

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  • hi, just turned 23 and had surgery last november to remove my lrg , colon.when i was young i started to have problems with constipation, but it started out for me exactly as how you described, at least that was the case when i was a child. i do think ti started with a phobia of going to the washroom . not suire why i think maybe because i was experiencing some pain or discomfort already. anyway long story short either already pre disposed to it or from holding it in ( a little of both) i had problems through out childhood , magnified as a teen (family doctor said at the time he thought it was magnified by stress) . as a result of such a long time of doing that maybe causing trauma or training my bowels i eneded up with severe constipation, lasting in bouts from a month up to 3 months without eliminating anything at all. at that stage in time i had exhausted use of laxatives, and eventually any methods that the E.R could really perform. my doctor diagnosed me witht colonic inertia, prior to meeting her i had another specialist that ran tests on me took me to the O.R etc without any conclusive results. basically they both told me my colon had to go, although the one doctor turnedi out to be the better fit for me. when they did remove my colon she told me that is was completly unfunctional and pretty well dead and about ten times the size it should have been from being so severly constipated over the years. for me surgery was the right fit because it got to the point where i was in the hospital pretty well every week, month, and for the last 8 mos or so had to be taken to the OR as the only method whereas i could eliminate the fecal matter from my colon. i dont really know what to tell you except to not give up and keep searching for the right doctor. for years i couldnt find anyone who would even tallk to me or send me in the right direction. anyway sorry this is so long i just became interested because of the childhood history you mentioned seems identical to mine. im also female, the doctor told me as well that colonic inertia they're finding most commonly to be in young women, if that helps.
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  • hi, \i saw ur post last night and wrote a reply but i see now its not up here? so am posting this short msg to see if it works yet, instead of half a page over again :P
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  • hey, ok intestinal peristalsis is largely dependant on your good bacteria. Your good bacteria generate serotonin which is one of the main factors which regulates intestinal peristalsis. Have you tried probiotics, i prefer cultured food such as kefir, sauerkraut/fermented veggies etc. These will help kick start your population of good flora.Then you have to feed the flora which prebiotic fibres such as rice bran, oat bran, seaweeds, inulin and FOS.Hope this helps, its what helped my intestinal issues.
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