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Persistant Abdominal Pain

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  • Posted By: ConcernedandConfused
  • February 24, 2008
  • 06:50 AM

Hi there. I've had a persisting pain in my abdominal area for around 2 months now. It started around December 17th (or around that date) last year, in my lower left abdomen/side. I went to a doctor who thought it may have been a kidney stone, after a cat scan, in addition to blood and urine tests it was proven not to be so and apparently all looked fine. The pain itself was not very severe on a scale I would call it a 3 or a 4 maybe. It was constant, and felt. . .crampish I guess. I don't really know how to explain it. Sometimes it would feel as if it burned.

Anyways after a few weeks I returned and was given a new diagnosis. A new doctor upon hearing my symptoms thought it may be Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or something induced by stress, anxiety, and depression. I was given a referral to a GI a few days later after a prescribed medication was having no apparent effect. In the time leading up to this appointment a pain on my lower-mid right abominal area also developed. The GI thought it may have been Diverticulosis, but decided it wasn't when he saw my cat scan. He told me that he felt the problem was in my large intestine and they would have to run a colonoscopy to determine what it was.

I couldn't handle the preparation (the gallon of laxative) and had to cancel. Since then I'm rather lost. The pain has its ups and downs and has defintely grown more prominent in my right side as well now. Sometimes I feel it along my mid riff as well. Lately I have also noticed a throbbing or pulsing sensation in my stomach. This has me considerably more worried than the pain itself. After doing research, I've speculated that it could be some form of inflammable bowel disease and less likely cancer, but then again I'm not a doctor and my guess isn't a good one.

I'm planning on rescheduling an appointment with my GI as soon as their offices open on Monday but until then I'm stuck worrying. As far as other symptoms, my stools appear normal enough. I go just as normally as I usually always have (Once a day with maybe a day between on occassion). I've had a horrible diet until recently, soda, lots of sugars, excess junk foods, little fruit, large amounts of vegetables and meats and exercise little (of course I'm changing these habits now). And I'm an 18 year old male. This whole ordeal just has me very stressed out and frightened. The pain isn't tremendous, but it's noticable enough to bother me during any tasks I'm doing, and cause difficulty sleeping. If anyone has any insight or comments to offer, I would be very happy. Thank you in advance.

To sum up my symptoms: moderate crampish feeling or dull pains in my left, right, and sometimes mid abdominal area. They will have a burning sensation or feel sometimes. Throbbing or pulsing sensation in abdominal area at times. Uncommonly I will have a small bout of nausea. Stools seem normal. Blood, urine, and cat scan's have all come back seemingly positive. Doctor believes it has something to do with my large intestine. It does seem as if it has spread out, but the pain itself has not seemed to grow worse.

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