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Pangastrits, Erosive Esophagitis + Extrinsic Lesion? incosistent endoscopy results

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  • Posted By: Aryadne
  • October 10, 2011
  • 02:22 AM

Hi all! I hope some of you can take a little time to hear my story and eventually help me :)

I've been experiencing REALLY BAD stomach symptoms for, at least, the past 4 years. I've had my first Endoscopy in 2006, which showed a superficial gastritis and esophagitis, my doctor back then said I didn't really need to start a treatment, cause that would probably heal by itself.

It didn't. For the past year I've had terrible stomachaches crisis, they can last a whole night and day, and the meds I used to take in order to make them go away weren't no longer working. (Omeprazol, Motilium). Lately I had to take like four or five Motilium pills to feel better. Sometimes Buscopan worked too, one or two pills. I know isn't right to automedicate, but the pain is TERRIBLE. And it's not related to specific foods, as I could observe. When the pain is "coming", the first sign I feel it a lower continuous back ache, then my stomach starts to hurt as like someone is stabbing it - I feel two kinds of pain, a continuous one as well, and some throbs. The pain is so bad that I can't sleep / wakes me up. I also have almost no appetites, anything I eat feel like a ton (example: if I eat too much in lunch, I'll only be hungry again in the next day around same meal, skipping dinner and breakfast, cause sometimes justt thinking of food makes me sick... even foods I used to love before). I also feel bloated after anything I eat or drink. I scheduled a Gastro doctor.

For around 4 months, a new symptom appeared: excessive belching. It's completely unpleasant and hurtful, and also loud. Whenever I eat or don't eat, it's there. I really lost account how many times a day it happens, they are so many. I can't hold it, I feel like a pressure on my stomach, then my throat, then it comes... I can't really help it, and it is REALLY unpleasant. Meanwhile, very short after this symptom showed up, I've been to a *terrible* doctor, who treated me like I was a piece of ****, literally; he suggested I was inventing this symptom, and that I should hold it back and stopping swallowing air. He also prescribed a medication named "Pantoprazol", saying I should take it whenever I felt pain and it would simply vanish. The belching got worse and I decided to have another Endoscopy and take it to another doctor. I had it last week, diagnosing a Pangastritis & an Erosive Esophagitis Savary-Miller 1. The doctor told me the belching is due to the reflux, so prescribed me a one-month treatment with the medication "TECTA 40mg". I started it and it's early to judge, but so far I couldn't see any "getting better".

Anyway, what worries me the most is that this last Endoscopy also showed something which is like "pushing" one of the anterior walls of my stomach, suggesting a extrinsic lesion... I could see that my doctor sounded really worried about it, and asked me to have an abdome CT scan, which I had yesterday, results in a week... I've been doing some research on what could be pushing/sweelling my stomach, and I got no clue, really... according to the doctor, it could be even gas... is this right? I'm really worried about it. If someone had an experience alike mine, please, I ask you to help me up with some ideas of what that could be... I'm a female, 19 years old, health patterns of live (no smoke, no alcohol, health foods).

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  • Hi, my wife is have the exact same problems as you describe. Even the reaction from her GI doc after her Endoscopy. Were they able to determine anything after your CAT? She goes in today for her CAT. Thank you
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    • February 10, 2015
    • 02:25 PM
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