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Pain in lower right quadrant, Doctors are guessing

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 12, 2010
  • 09:43 PM

Can anyone help me out and lead me in the right direction?? I never have serious problems. This one came out of nowhere. Skip to 4 for important stuff.

9.) 9 days ago (Thursday), I woke up with a stomach ache and a very acidic stomach. I take prevacid for acid reflex. I thought I had just ate something bad and I would get over it. I never ever get stomach aches, so this was very strange.

8.) The next day the ache was worse, but not enough to make me skip work. This was Friday.

7.) Saturday it was even worse and I started noticing severe bloating below my rib cage and the top of my bladder. The pressure was pressing on my bladder and on my intestines. I took Gas-X and it did nothing. The stomach ache continued.

6.) Sunday I took the day off and sat in a chair. The stomach ache continued, but not as bad. I ate light and tried not to move much.

5.) Monday, I went back to work. The pain exploded above my bladder and slightly to the right.

4.) Tuesday I got though half a day of work, the pain in my RLQ and above my bladder was getting to point of taking me down. I went to my primary care doc for an emergency appointment. An assistant was able to see me. She did some pressing on the RLQ and noted an elevated temp about 1 degree above normal. Pain exploded into RLQ after she pressed on my intestines on the right!!!! She told me that she thought it was my appendix and told me to go the ER.

3.5) I went to the ER Tuesday night. They ran my blood, urine and gave me a CT scan with contrast. They sent me home at 2am on Wed, citing that there was nothing wrong.

3.) ER called me at 8am Wed telling me to come back in because they reviewed my CT for a 3rd time and say my appendix is 'slightly' inflamed.
I go into my primary again. Primary rechecked everything and told me it might be a sportsman hernia and/or an ever so slightly inflamed appendix, sit on the couch until Monday and take aleve. The bloating above my bladder was gone and my stomach ache was also gone. I dismissed sportsman hernia after looking at symptoms.

2.) Sat on couch all day. Pain intensified and was more pin pointed to appendix/end of large intestine area. If I sat at a 90 degree angle, it would feel like a stabbing pain. Standing Upright, just lower back pain. On couch, nearly nothing.

1.) Same as Thursday. As soon as bend my mid section, the pain radiates on the RLQ.

Symptoms as of today,
pain that radiates RLQ upon any type of pressure being placed upon the area (bending of mid section). Pain seems to pinpoint to appendix area. Lower back hurts when standing upright. Intestines feel like they are getting squeezed when bending over. Periods of lots of gas. No fever, no vomiting, no headache, no nausea. Bowels and bladder work fine. Blood work, urine test and CT scan suggest it is not appendix.

About me. Male. 22 years of age. Don't smoke or drink. I work on cars and boats, often times in strange positions that put stress on my lower abdomen and back.

What is this???? I can hardly get off the couch! I need to get back to work.

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