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Optimal GI tract health

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 23, 2010
  • 06:15 AM

I have too much intestinal yeast, and bad bacterias like klebsiella oxytoca. I even get bloated from drinking water. ***t like a reactor. Don't digest fats well. Many, many other symptoms. I started fasting/juicing to reduce stress on my GI tract, and since then i lost a lot of hunger.

This summer I want to get my GI tract top shape, at all costs.

So what's the best plan for optimal GI tract health? Have anyone used the "3-R" method? Sometimes it actually takes 4 R like

1. Remove: Remove toxins, allergens and harmful organisms with an elimination diet and detoxification protocol.

2. Replace: Replacement of digestive enzymes and other factors until the patient's GI complaints can be normalized.

3. Reinoculate: Reinoculate the gut with beneficial probiotics and prebiotics to reestablish microflora balance.

4. Repair: For full healing of the intestinal mucosa, repairing gut integrity is essential. This includes reducing inflammation, providing nutrients for GI cell growth, and strengthening liver and immune function.

1. I did Genova Diagnostics stool test, and I'm taking a pharmaceutial anti-fungal plus cut the refined carbs plus taking CandiZyme. Should I also run a course of a broad spectrum gut antimicrobial agent? I'm also detoxifying (following the 7-Day Detox Miracle plan) and gonna add Immunocal or ImmunoPro. Already got some psyllium husk.

All my life I had some mild symptoms of food/additives/chemical sensitivities, but I dont know to what. So I also plan to do a rotation diet (elimination diet) but I'll need to do it really well because I dont think any food will give me a clear no bueno. Is there a good protocol out there to do a full food/additives elimination diet?

I already tested foods for IgE and IgG, but I dont know what to think of the result. Like I had IgE response to eggwhites and IgG response to yokes, but I have a hard time thinking that I could genetically be intolerant to eggs (seems strange to me from an evolution point of view). Could these the modulated by factors like gut flora and so on?

2. I bought digestive enzymes + betaine HCL from Twinlab. I can take 5-6 caps of it with a simple meal of mostly veggies and still feel no acidity whatsoever. Got some cathartics and a colon cleanse if needed. Have people had success with colostrum or other food/supplements?

3.I got Dandelion root for the inulin, and a good probiotic (L bifidus + L acidofilus + FOS). Thinking of trying Jerusalem artichokes. Anyone tried e coli strain Nissle 1917?

4. For now I'm juicing on veggies, thinking of adding glutamine and raw rice proteins or something like that at some point. What about inflammation? Turmeric (circumin)?

For liver there is stuff in my detox plan, like milk thistle, NAC, ALA, vitamin A, C & E, etc. Beside the undenatured proteins stated above, what else for immune function?

Anything I'm missing? Please do not write bull****, or if you write a suggestion without having researched it to some level, please write so..

Anyone tried the full ALCAT food and chemical sensitivities test?

Finally I have a bag of l-lysine HCl at home and never felt increased acidity from it, i wonder why betaine HCl would be different?

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  • Hey this is the OP I created an account. anyone has tried the 3R method?
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