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Nausea, no appetite, post nasal drip?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 15, 2007
  • 11:20 PM

While i was pregnant with my son 3 years ago i was extremely nauseated. i was told it was just morning sickness. well i had it the whole 9 months. NO appetite, felt sooo sick everyday, all day. well the doctor assured me it would go away after i had my son. didnt happen. he is now 2 1/2 and i still have it. I have had every test it seems, EGD (just showed some mild gastritis), colonoscopy (came back fine), blood tests, gastric emptying scans, pH monitor (showed no GERD, reflux), etc. i had a celiac disease test come back positiove so i did a gluten free diet for a year with no luck what so ever. only one of the several tests came back positive for celiac so after i year i quit the expensive diet. one gastric emptying scan came back horrible, so i tried every medication (even one from Canada) with no luck. next emptying scan came back great. ive had some stomach problems for years, but never like this. i was told it was IBS when i was in high school and i tried every medication it seemed, with no success. i constantly feel so full i feel sick. i eat 2 bites of food and feel like i cant get it down. the nausea never goes away and i NEVER feel hungry. the only way i know i need to eat is when i get weak and shakey after not eating for awhile. ive tried so many things (more than what ive listed) and im at a complete loss. i feel like my drs think im crazy. im just sick of never feeling well and its having a horrible impact on my life. recently i just realized that ive had constant post nasal drip. i guess ive been so used to it, i never realized it was there. but everytime i swallow im swallowing whatever is in the back of my throat. im not sure if maybe that could be something? any advice or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. i might be leaving a test or something out that ive had done, but if i think of anything else ill post another message. thank you!!!

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