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Naseau, vomiting, chills, oh my!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 16, 2009
  • 04:33 PM

I just recently turned 18 on my birthday after Christmas and during the Christmas break when I went to visit my mom in California I woke up right before we headed to the airport with an extreme case of being bloated, gas, and feeling full. I thought I might be pregnant because I researched it but I didn't have abominable pains. So, for two weeks it was the same symptoms. I couldn't eat without feeling so full that it made me uncomfortable ad my stomach would get so large that it would look like I'm 3 months pregnant. I went to the emergency room since that was all that was open on Christmas Eve and they did blood, urine, and an x-ray on my stomach. They said I was pregnant and that I was healthy and that it was probably a lot of stress (Which isn't highly unlikely since I was feeling really stressed)

So he told me to take Pepcid claiming it was stomach acid reflux. Pepcid did not do anything. The two weeks I took it barely did anything. I was also constipated due to the bloating and had smelly yellow stool and it felt like I wasn't relieving myself of all the wastes so I took Miralax and that didn't help.

After 2 weeks of feeling like that, I went to Georgia and felt instantly better. It was hard to eat since I lost a lot of weight because the fullness made me feel anxiety which caused me to hardly eat. So, my diet is completely screwed up which I think may have caused an hormonal imbalance and because of stress my period came extremely heavy and my cramps were either severe or dull.

After my period, about 3 or 4 days later I got the most horrible cramp(around my lower right pelvic region) in the world. It was so bad that it felt like someone was stabbing me and at times I can feel it in my stomach and my pubic bone. (mind you it happened yesterday on January 15th) and because of it I missed school. Later on that day, the cramps subsided a bit and I couldn't feel it unless I pushed down on it but my stomach started feeling horrible and made me nauseous.(also the abdominable pain made it feel painful to pass gas and defaecate). I realized as I pressed though it felt like a lot of gas was trapped and I think because of my cramp and muscle spasms, couldn't go anywhere. So, the whole day from 6 to 3:00 in the morning I vomited one after the other even though there was nothing in my stomach.( I forced myself to eat lunch that day to put something in my stomach but I had normal bowel movement so there was nothing to throw up). Eventually, I went to sleep and woke up feeling a whole lot better.

My diaphragm hurts like ***l, my whole body hurts from shaking so badly from cold chills( I had no fever though) and my cramp is gone. My stomach is traumitized from the experience and I'm gonna go eat some soup. But I was wondering, could this be a virus or influenza? Or a 24 hr bug? I know my boyfriend had a virus but all he got was a fever and extreme dizziness. Also, my brother and my step mom had it but I don't think they threw up either. My step mom and my dad freaked out about me being pregnant but I'm on birth control and take it religiously(Yaz) and before and during birth control I had horrible cramps where it kept from school before but I never vomited just had diarrhea. I went to see a doctor before and that was when they prescribed me to take BC. That was about 2 years ago and I went off Yaz for a few months and then back on.

I really don't think I'm pregnant. If anything, I think it was stress from the previous problems, the virus, and the lack of a good diet right now.

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