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Mystery Stomach Pain

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  • Posted By: ohcanada
  • February 26, 2008
  • 07:05 PM

Ok so I'll start with all the tests I've had:

Tests taken:
1 Edoscopy
1 Abdominal Sonogram
1 Full bloodwork test (done for new insurance policy)
1 Consultation with a Natural Medicine person

Doc office tours:
I have had stomach pains for abit. Upper right part of my stomach and somtimes to the left. The pain comes and goes. My "stool" as it were is hard to pass and the doc said take more fiber, so i have been and it helps, but when i stop taking it, things don't work as well again. I went to a specialist (g.i.) guy and he did an endoscopy. The result came back and he only found a little more stomach acid than usual, nothing to be worried about. He asked if it still hurt, i said sometimes. We then set up a Full abdominal sono-gram. Result came back with nothing wrong. Infact, perfect from what i understand. He said perhaps a colonoscopy as well - but (no pun intended) we don't have the money to pay the co-pay on that right now.

Also taked with a naturopath. She had me drinking apple cider viniger to get "alkaline" again. Also had me taking some herb mixture. I can't tell any difference when i do these things, and i stuck with it for a month.

So now my stomach is still doing the same thing, except sometimes it sensative to touch as a weird tingling pain. Doc's endoscopy also did testing for ciliac and other stomach things - all were negative. The bloodwork was scott free to. I'm in "perfect" shape.

More Background:

Been stuck in a job i have hated, will be laid off very soon (had talk with the brass), newly wed, recently relocated from denver to NYC about a year and half ago. Graduated college in Jan 2007. Just recently developed friendships in city outside of wife and I. The running "theory" from many people in this was stress causing all these problems. But i don't feel super stressed right now.

So thats all the info i can give you guys on it, but i would LOVE some ideas, diagnosis or whatnot. I was concerned this was some kind of Cancer but have been reassured by these tests (by the docs i've talked to) that can't be it. So i just want to know what it is and how to get rid of it!


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  • A couple of other options you should consider are pancreitis, which can produce knife-like pain in the stomach region, as well as back pain, and gallstones, which can cause attacks of severe pain with much the same symptoms of pancreitis.I myself suffered with severe gastrointestinal distress for several long months up until about a year ago. I did have to get my gallbladder removed, but the main component was stress. Stress can hide inside you and pop out when you least expect it. Most credible doctors these days will agree that stress, from home, work, school, or personal life, can cause severe problems, especially in the stomach and other internal organs (where most of us "feel" emotions like fear, anger, and love anyway).Are you smoking? When I quit, my stomach pain went down dramatically.Are you doing enough to take care of yourself? Are you being too ******n yourself? As a young man, I understand that it can be thrilling to push yourself and see how tough you can be, but trust me in that sometimes your body can't take what your mind thinks it can take.Set aside time every day to do something that completely relaxes you. I used to take daily baths and combine that with meditation (careful not to use too much water...meditation can relax you a bit too much). It sounds a bit girly, but after two weeks my stomach aches were gone, and after two months I was having normal bowel movements and feeling *much* better. I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), so you can understand why de-stressing so that I could have normal BMs was very important. Even in people without IBS, not eliminating wastes often enough can make you feel horrible.I recommend you keep doing whatever you feel is best for yourself, but it sounds like you've been through some emotional trauma recently. You might consider having even just one session with a licensed counselor. You'll be surprised what sort of things you'll learn about yourself when you have a "sounding board" to talk to. Even if it doesn't help your physical symptoms, you also have to address the mental strain you've been under.When I was at the height of my sickness (gallstones, developed IBS all the sudden, and SEVERE stress), I thought that there was no help. But a year later, I feel normal again, and I'm very happy in my day to day life. Just stick with it.Best of luck.
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