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My mom needs help...

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  • Posted By: thesage
  • February 24, 2009
  • 09:22 PM

I also posted this in the "I need a diagonosis" forum. I just want to get as much help as possible...

My mom has had severe diarrhea for almost a year now. She needs to go to the bathroom nearly twenty times a day. She burps a lot and can barely eat anything without immediately going to the bathroom. She also feels joint pain in her left arm really badly, since december, and has pain in her hands for a long time (her doctors thought she had arthritis).

She had a colonoscopy yesterday and the doctor discovered that she has diverticulosis (probably from the fact that all the fiber she eats is not digested properly) and a hernia in the upper portion of her stomach (forgot what it's called...) probably from all the straining she has to do when she has a bm.

She has tested positive for H pylori several times. She took the prev pack and it made her feel better. Right when she ran out of pills, her diarrhea came back.

My mom recently is becoming more and more incontinent and can barely eat antyhing. She also developed a fever after the colonoscopy and the doctor told her to simply take tylenol.

She has a lot of history:

She had tuberculosis, bronchitis (several times), hepatitis type a, and an apendectomy when she was a child. She was in labor for a very long time when she gave birth to me (over 12 hours, the doctor said she didn't need a c-section...). She has also had several urinary tract infections.

I think that all the stuff found by the colonoscopy is caused by the diarrhea. We don't know what is causing the diarrhea though...

A friend of hers (who was a nurse) thinks she may have Chron's disease. I read up on it and her symptoms seem to fit. I dunno what to do. I'm sick too (will eleaborate once I find out what's wrong with her...).

My mom has seen several doctors over the years. She keeps getting referred and doing all these tests and they never find out what's wrong with her. The doctor who did her colonoscopy wouldn't even come see her after the procedure. Does anybody know any good doctors near Washington DC?

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  • Both Crohns and Ulcerative colitis can take years to diagnose. The only thing the doctors can do is try to keep the symptoms at a minimum. Your mom should ask to be put on Asacol for a trial period. Asacol will help her with the diarreah, and she might get some relief. Also, the joint pain is caused by the intestinal problems. I have the same thing going on. My joint pain started years before my intestine gave me any problems. You might want to read about it here: http://www.spondylitis.org/about/ibd.aspx I have alot of the same problems as your mom and I have had big changes after I decided to cut way back on flour and sugar. My stomach has actually been at its best since this all started about 5 years ago now. Every test they did for celiac disease came back normal, but I was told you can be sensitive and have bad reactions. Anyhow it is worth a try. Like your mom I have diverticulosis. I have a bad case for my age, and I am told I have it throughout my whole colon. This alone can cause alot of trouble so it could be that this is causing her problems. When she gets a fever she should always have a fecal test done as well as a crp, wbcc, and sed rate. She should also insist on having a colonscopy every 2 years. Best wishes to both of you... Kiera
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    • February 24, 2009
    • 10:19 PM
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  • Has she been tested for clostridium difficile infection? Please check on this and MAKE SURE they tested her for this - it is often not done in a routine stool exam. I take it they DID do a stool exam? That is a must, and they MUST test her for clostridium difficile infection to rule this out. In the meantime please make sure she is taking a good quality PROBIOTIC to help manage her diarrhea. Find one with several strains of beneficial flora. I like NSI's 10-20 or 10-35 from vitacost.com. Jarrow makes some good ones. This is important to help balance her flora. If she is diagnosed with clostridium difficile infection, then she needs to take FLORASTAR, or sacchromyces boulardii. Google this for more info. I had c. diff. and thought I was going to die. I healed this infection with Chinese herbs and probiotics - it took two weeks to feel improvement. C. diff is directly caused by antibiotics, and is becoming increasingly common and causes terrible colitis. Best wishesDOM
    acuann 3,080 Replies
    • February 24, 2009
    • 10:40 PM
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  • My mom takes a probiotic, not sure which one though... She also has a high c-reactive protein...She had a stool exam to test for h pylori which came out positive. I don't think they tested for a clostridium difficile infection... I'll try to get her on that.
    thesage 10 Replies
    • February 25, 2009
    • 05:14 AM
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  • i do hope you read this again.divertiulitus causes the runs.she could also have ibd like crohn's or colitis.i'm 21 and have had a ***l of a time finding a good dr in dc for the past 6 yrs (tho i was seeing pediatric gi's for 3 yrs b/c adult ones wouldn't see me and the peds thought i wanted attn or some crap) and just finally got diagnosed with crohn's in april. but out of all the ones i've seen, dr shocket is definately one of the best. he's in bethesda. at least he was. he wasn't really able to help me... it's a long story, but he really is good and has a WONDERFUL bedside manor. if i could spend an 90 mins in the car to get there from nova, i would but i'm too sick to.i would stay away from dr blosser (ffx). i went to him in march and the first time i went i didn't even see him, i only say his assistant. and for my endoscopy, he didn't even introduce himself before i was knocked out. the office staff is rude and they lose blood work. they get a pass.dr crenshaw (may only be peds) in ashburn told ordered a capsul endo/colon in 05 and the results came back saying i had crohn's but he said "well i don't think you do". that's what led me to dr shocket but the 2 comon meds didn't work. anyway, dr crenshaw gets a pass.dr tonya adams is nice. i've never been to her but my mom has. she likes her. she's in ffx.there's also one in manassas, dr brown, near the hospital. he specializes in ibd. i haven't been to him yet so i'm not sure how he is, but i am totally giving him a try. those are the only ones i have for adult gi's.
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    • August 19, 2009
    • 04:17 AM
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