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My colon stopped working (paralytic ileus)

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  • Posted By: alveolar21
  • April 29, 2013
  • 09:46 PM

A few months ago I was turning in bed and felt a searing pain in my LUQ. The pain felt sharp like a knife stabbing into my LUQ, I’ve never had any type of pain like this before. It caused me to jump out of bed and my entire body was sweating. I walked around for a few minutes and waited for the pain to subside and got back into bed. I can no longer lie on my left side due to the pain.
Before the event, I would have a bowel movement like clockwork every morning. Each week after the event, I noticed my bowel output became less and less. As the problem became worse, I noticed LUQ and RUQ pain increased if I strained. A month later, I stopped having bowel movements. After a week without a bowel movement, I took laxatives for the first time in my life as I was at wits end from continual bloating. By taking various laxatives I am able to have some partial evacuations; however, I have never been able to completely empty my bowel as in the past.
Lab work: I’ve had multiple blood tests, the doctors tell me everything is normal. On the round of blood tests, my Alpha-1-Antitrypsin was low at 68mg/dL with the normal range being 90-200. The doctors stated that this was nothing to worry about and that it was only an issue if it was very high. My IgA was on the low-end at 82mg/dL (normal 90-400) but the doctors were not concerned. I had also had a full celiac panel done and it all came back normal.
Scans: I have had a KUB x-ray, a CAT scan without contrast and fluoroscopy with barium swallow. All of these tests came back normal with the exception that in each scan there was a lot of stool noted in the colon, one doctor reviewed the CT and could not believe the amount of stool in the colon but offered no idea as to what is causing the problem.
Suggestion: My primary suggested I go to a major clinic such as Mayoclinic, Cleveland Clinic, I have booked such an appointment but it is months away and I am suffering from this every day. I have visited other doctors, including internists and gastroenterologists but they are not sure what is causing the problem. They all listened to the bowels with a stethoscope and they stated the bowels were normal.

I have looked into several possibilities as to what may be causing this problem:

adhesions – possible but typically can only be diagnosed with an exploratory laparoscopy, which can cause more adhesions
diaphragmatic hernia – would of showed up with the fluoroscopy with barium swallow and this is typically congenital
fecal impaction – the doctors stated the bowel sounds were normal upon auscultation
h. pylori – blood tests came back negative
partial bowel obstruction – I have not had the common symptoms such as nausea and vomiting
protein losing enteropathy - previous urine tests were normal

It is awful having to live like this and I am desperately seeking help to find what is causing this problem.

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