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Mrs Arlene Retzlaff

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  • July 9, 2006
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I am now 40 years old. I started this pain in my stomach 20 years ago and it has got worse over the years. The pain only comes during the night. I wake up with the most severe pain in my solar plexus. Have been to many doctors, had two Gastroscopies, a colonoscopy, been treated by many doctors but the pain is still there. Had a hyda scan and all sorts thinking it could be a gall bladder problem. I only wish i could rush to the doctor for a gastroscopie in the middle of the night to see what this is. The only way I can overcome this pain is by taking 2x Buscopan and 2x panado (pain killers) It takes about 1h 30minutes to go. If I take any other mixes of tablets it heightens the pain. If i eat anything it heightens the pain. Even a small Yoghurt or a cup of tea will make it unbelievably worse. I am slim, eat well and excersise. Over the years I have eliminated many foods from my diet but still no relief. I am at my wits end. My stomach swells and the pain sits high up and right under my rib cage. On the very odd occassion the pain may come in the afternoon. But this is seldom. It reoccurs at least once a week. One doctor prescriped Colofac and Alvercol. 2xcolofac in the morning, 2 at night and 5 mls of Alvocol. This seems to be the answer for me and prevents whilst i take it. The minute I stop, it returns. If I had to describe the pain, it is like a huge blow to the solar plexus, like I have been punched and winded. It burns badly and my breathing is short with it. If I do not take a tablet, it gets worse every minute until I have to resort to very stong pain killers. No position that I put my body into helps, not lying down, not curled up, not standing, nothing. I search for answers all the time including doctors, nutritionalists, chinese remedies and am about to visit another specialist. I am so happy to have found this website and really look forward to your help. Thanks!

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  • Dear Mrs. Arlene Retzlaff,My wife has cured me of a similar problem. Actaully what you have is the displacement of pulsating vein (or whatever) from the inside of the navel to the somewhere between the ribs. This happens so frequently with you is either because you lift something too heavy or your body is out of balance some way or the other at certain ponts of time. The treatment as practised by my wife is to take an earthen lamp (capacity 20CC) put some mustard oil inside insert a wick of cotton in the oil with one end upwards in the air. Light on the cotton wick. Lie down flat on your back over a spread out mat on the floor and put the glowing lamp exactly on your navel. Take a tumbler made of steel and slowly put the upturned tumpler over the burning lamp so that a little air goes inside the lamp does not go off. Hold the tuumbler with your hand and Let it heat up a little. Then press it down with both the hands for one minute, the lamp will go off and the tumbler will catch your stomach as if trying to suck it. Practise this 4-5 times empty stomach or 5 hours after the meal. After at least 50 days treatment the pulsating thing will come back to the navel and you will not have the problem again.You may contact me at skkeshri@gmail.com.
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