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month long digestive issues

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 15, 2007
  • 03:52 AM

Hey everyone, I hope you can gimme some kind of idea on this. Im a 21 yr old female.

Around May 10th, I had a period of frequent urination. It wasnt like a UTI, but rather that everything I drank ran right thru me. That began to fade away after a week, and soon I was facing digestive problems. I felt very very full after eating dinner (it was usually only dinner that bothered me). One night I sat down after dinner and went thru a two hour spell of chills, short, mild fever and abdominal cramping and pain. But it went away after a couple hours. The next night the same deal happened and again it went away after two hours. However I woke up the next morning with severe "fullness" feeling. It felt like I had eaten the worlds biggest dinner and had no interest in food. I went to a walk-in clinic, and they tested my urine. Not pregnant, no bacterial STDs and no sign of a UTI. The doc still gave me antibiotics (Cipro) though just incase. I felt just fine for a few days before I went and got the anti's. But then I got that miserable 24 hour flu that was going around. Once that cleared up, I got back on the antibiotics. With that, the "fullness" and lack of appetite followed. That lasted the next 4 days I was on the anti's, but then I read on them that its a side effect of the drugs. When I finished with the anti's, the nausea type feeling went away for a few days. Then again, I had a day where I couldnt finish any meal I started. I just felt FULL!

My brother has celiac disease and told me that that is how it starts. He got me to eat gluten free for two days, and I felt great. However since that I have eaten gluten often and only occasionally felt crappy. I can eat it and feel fine one day, then eat it and feel kinda full the next. Ive also had occasional headaches. I didnt have diarrhea but rather was very contipated during the whole ordeal. I never vomitted, just felt like I was having trouble getting things through my digestive tract. The really bad part was on and off for a month here and there, and since then I get that feeling once in a while, like maybe once or twice a week.

So in short, I had a feeling of "fullness" and lack of appetite for about a month, which stopped when i gave up gluten for a few days, and now only occasionally is an issue.

I have also read that these are some symptoms of HIV. I have had unprotected sex with my ex in the past, and have been talking to him about this. He says he is clean, and I spoke with the girl he was with before me. She was allergic to condoms and said she was tested after being with him and was clean as well. Im still worried though, even though at no time did I have a rash, diarrhea, muscle pain or swollen glands. The fever I had was short lived, as I said before. I intend on getting tested soon, but I was interested in seeing others opinions.

Does this sound like something digestive? IBS? Celiac or gluten sensitivity? Something worse?


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