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Junk Food is good for health?

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  • Posted By: Donalddn
  • October 10, 2012
  • 04:16 AM

Well i want to ask a simple question.Tell me is junk food is good or not good for health? I want to know just your suggestions about it because we hear from people that junk food is not good, for health and we should eat these food etc. So any expert and professional person please share here.

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  • Sorry McDonald's Corporation, but you make me sick -- literally! In answer to your question is depends on where one eats and what one orders. From my experience, most fastfood places do have salads and alternatives to simply hamburgers or cheeseburges. Some offer salads which are to my surprise quite good. I shall refrain from naming brand names, except one outfit -- at least within the States. In Europe and in Brasil where I am from, as well as most of Asia, I have had no problem with McDonald's. In Huelva, Spain, on New Year's day in 2000 when I was only a child, I went with my family to the only open restaurant that day -- McDonald's. It wa surprisingly clean, had an outdoor patio and the service was fast and efficient. ...And the food was actually impecably good!Now in the States, upon a temporary stay, I had three experiences, once in San Bernardino, in Southern California, and two experiences in San Francisco to the north. All three were disaster! Upon all three occasions, I got violently sick! Gastroenteritis like there was no tomorrow! Vomiting, stomach pains and cramping, and most of all this very bad cases of diarrhoea. The third time was more mild than the first two experiences. Therefore, I made a vow to myself that I have kept to this day, NEVER EVER eat at a McDonald's in America! You'll be sorry! In fact due to my three bad experiences (and those three have been the only three times I have eaten at that chain whilst in America), I have my own personal name for them (only for those franchises in America): McDiarrhoea! Please takke my advice and while in the USA do endeavour to avoid McDiarrhoea whenever possible! There is something about their food, some preservative, the way it is cooked, but something is definitely amiss! I would not trust them with a ten metre pole let alone a ten foot pole! Now I realise that McDonal's does offer a 'Café' setting with special entrés. These may be okay, but ever since my THREE experiences with them, I am afraid to venture out to them. Now I wish to reiterate, this has been my experience with McDonald's only within the sUnited States of America (California). Elsewhere, like in Spain, Brasil, and other places, I have had no issues with them.Now once again, to answer your question, just about any fastfood place (other than McDonald's within the USA) I think that one is safe in eating the salads and fish stuff. But I would shy away from the hamburger thing as beef is really not all that healthy for one anyway. Chicken is okay. If they have any juices, that is one's best bet. But personaly I would avoid the sodas. Bad for the teeth and the sugar substitutes have been known to be carcinogenic and other issues. This is a mouthful, but I do hope that all this helps!
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