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Is this IBS?

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  • Posted By: Balmong
  • March 15, 2009
  • 06:03 AM

I am turning 23 in a couple of days and for the past 4 months I've had issues with my digestive system. It was a bad time for me, just graduated, economic crisis hits, my car broke and we had a big family fight that resulted in some one getting jailed. Here is my stools diary :\:

Mid Nov'08: around that time I've noticed some strings of blood on my stools and anal itching, a couple weeks later I had trouble defecating so I pushed it hard and the water turned red. I felt a sharp pain above my anus to the back. I couldn't sleep that night and rushed to see my GP, he confirmed a form2 internal hemorrhoid gave me laxatives and reffered me to a surgeon.
A week after, I went to see the surgeon who told me there is nothing and probably its a fissure. gave me a supply of daflon and a couple of laxative bottles and asked me to check with him after a month.

Dec'08: I ran out of laxatives and went for almost a week without defecating. rushed to the pharmacy on the 5th day and bought a laxative, after 6hours I was able to go and god it was rock hard but luckily no blood came out.

Mid Dec'08: I went for the follow up doc confirmed that nothing was wrong with me. I wasn't too happy about that so I started reading about the subject and stumbled upon the world constipation. I had bits of blood in my stools at that time.

Jan'09: I went to see an internal md doc in a nearby hospital. he told me that I should adjust my fiber intake which is low since I can't stand neither veggies or fruits and told me to take laxatives for every day for two months. ordered some stool and blood test and told me to come after two weeks.
I did as he told me, took laxatives, ate more veggies, tried to spend more time on the toilet and not to rush it. It was like relearning how to poop. I remember that I was literally shocked to know that people go do no2 every day as my norm was 2-3 days.

Mid jan'08: I was able to go every other day, but I still bits of blood but my anus itching went away. My tests came out and nothing seemed wrong, doc told me to increase my fiber intake and should go every day instead of two days.

Feb'09: I was able to go every day but still not too happy. I got cramps, bloating, and my stools now look somehow thinner. I started observing it for a while.
sometimes there are white strings on it, some times it looks feathery and less times.
sometimes it looks flat from all sides, sometimes it looks like chewed gum. some times it was yellowish and some times its a mix of dark brown and light brown. :\

well I went to see my doc and he said I have nothing to worry about. my bloating has decreased, its not as painful these days but I am going 2-3 times these days, after each big meal which is freaking me out. a couple of days ago even with going everyday I had hard stools which I pushed hard and got blood in it. next were smooth but thinner also some times I feel like my rectum is closing and its impossible to even get gas out, is that probably an irritation?

I dont feel sick and my weight hasn't dropped infact I've gained 12lbs since it started, well, I am an emotional eater a big one :\. what should I do should I wait to see if it gets worse or see a gastrologist about it?

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