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Is anyone else out there battling potassium deficiency? I'm finding it 'extremely' difficult.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 27, 2015
  • 00:22 PM

Hi im 31 yr old female battling the worst thing of my life. Started out bad gastritis from ingesting too many garlic capsules. Gastritis wouldnt heal - bad flu like symptoms(but no actual flu) gerd tummy sensitivity extreme weight loss couldnt eat. Got so low on potassium near had heart attack. Ever since got weaker n weaker leg cramps bruising heart palps extreme thirst docs kept saying potassium ok but when i actually checked bloods it was only 3.4 which is way too low b4 k got sick i was a 4.5! I startrd consuming coconut water n foods high in potassium n blood pressure n other symptoms improved but docs still wudnt accept this was problem. I then got diagnosed with h.pylori which is tummy infection which is why gastitis wud not heal n i had flu like syms etc its a nasty inf that lives in tummy lining which i ripped up with garlic so bacteria went all over me m into tummy acid. Had camera 4 this in oct which was false negetive n only got rediagnosrd thru breathe test in dec. On anti bi to kill but i still am so weak n the potasium isain reason. Iv beem consuming 5000mgs most days n its still not filling def. I got supps eventually off a great doc but i took one on empty stomach d other night n now gastritis is back coz it irritated tummy. I dont know what to do now. I got violently sick yesterday every lost bit food m water this is not good as this looses electites n potassium i feel like im dying just every day is suffering it also messes with mind. Iv just got my period this morn n its killing me my legs r in bits. I took diorlytes. Does anyone out there have same prob or solution i just dont know where to turn anymore it seems to be vicious cycle with no upturn just blocks in the road? My body not shootin on full ions as they say n by neck its unpleasant

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