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In need of some ADVICE please help......

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  • Posted By: onamystic
  • June 9, 2011
  • 06:12 PM

I am a 28 year old female and I need help. I have been to the doctors for tests of different things ALL negative for anything wrong and all they are thinking it is which doesn't make sense to me is an ulcer. I have been in constant sever pain for almost 5 months now and the stupid antacids don't help nor anything else I was put on, it came on suddenly one day out of nowhere.....first started with pain in my upper right side under ribs for 2 days I had that, then with it came very SCARY dizzyness, it was so bad my gut was telling me if I laid down (which they tell you to do) I wouldn't wake up...i would be dead, only thing that helped was walking slowly outside breathing deep cold air. Iv'e had dizzyness before but nothing like that in my life. 2 more days of these two symptoms, went to the hospital all negative tests for anything wrong. I go home and my next symptom was not only dizzyness (not as bad as was), pain in my side but my entire left side head to toe of my body was numb and so hot I thought I was literally on fire sensation was incredible, checked temp had none. After a whole night of that thinking I was going to die....the pain subsided on my right side and became severe on my left side under my ribs. I have had that and lightheadedness, floaties in my eyes, trembling, fatigue, weekness, serious pain in my bones in my legs when I walk too long, abdominal swelling and shocks through whole system, throbbing all around at times, severe throat pain, trouble catching my breath at night, ETC.
I have tried telling this doctor I am going too that nothing he is doing is working but he seems to not have any clue and because I don't have insurance doesn't seem to care. I am worried.....my body has literally adjusted too the constant pain just to live, I don't think it will hold out much longer. most days are misserable, other days not as bad. I have changed my diet and I have to go back to this doctor soon but I have a bad feeling it's just going to be a run around again. I took myself off all meds he tried to give me because they don't work, nothing really seems to help except my water heating pad (lifesaver!) I had been thinking of going to a chinese herbalist with experience after I save some money......PLEASE HELP ME...so depressed....any advice would truely help. thanks...was perfectly healthy before this started!

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  • First advice: change your doctor. It takes many efforts to find a good doctor, but it is still possible (I hope...). REAL doctor takes care of patients, but not their money or insurance. Otherwise, it's not a doctor, it's just a businessman. Actually, there are some criteria for a good doctor, you should take it into account. Second: there are some methods of diagnostics which help to get diagnosis even if tests' results "ALL negative". Third: "going to a chinese herbalist" = good idea! I also would recommend you to go to an acupuncturist. But I should warn you that only few of them are good doctors. I mean, most of them was trained how to mix the herbs and how to insert the needles, but not how to treat people properly. Choose your doctor very carefully! If you will be treated by TCM doctor, ask his/her to give you recipe of the treatment in term of TCM. I will check is it correct and if it is suited exactly for your case. Good luck!
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