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  • Posted By: Sarah J
  • April 26, 2009
  • 02:16 PM

I've posted on here before about this, some time ago, but I think I'm slowly beginning to lose my tether.

Right, starting at the beginning, just over a year ago, I ate something dodgy (sausage sandwich from work; to be precise!), from the next day, for a week, I had extreme diarrhoea. I couldn't eat anything substantial, & whenever I did eat anything, about an hour after, I was rushing for the loo. Just as I was getting over this, I contracted a nasty stomach bug that was going round college. For the next two weeks, I had diarrhoea every day. Got myself to a doctor, he said IBS & gave me 'Spasmonal'.

I got on with life for a bit (still having bad days), then a few weeks after starting university, the diarrhoea was back (I wasn't stressed or home sick!) Went and saw the nurse, she took some blood. I don't have any allergies/intolerances to milk/lactose etc.
After the results of these bloods, I started on Colofac.

I think I was just about dealing with the IBS, had got myself into a routine. Then I started placement (I'm studying nursing), and sometimes it got so crazy, I just ate when I could, not always having taken the tablet 20 minutes before eating.
Then at Christmas, I had an ear infection. The antiobiotics made bowel things worse.

Saw the nurse and doctor again in January. Had some more blood tests, only thing that showed up was that I was borderline anaemic.

I could ramble on for such much longer, I really could, honestly.
I think I'm just fed up with the urge of going/actually going to the toilet/diarrhoea seeming to ruin my life, I pretty much plan everything around it, which is a pain when I have to travel to and from my placements, get out and do food shopping & other things.

This past week has been quite bad, extreme diarrhoea on three out of the past five days.

I'm not really sure what I'm hoping to gain by posting here, maybe just getting it off my chest.

But if anyone has anything to say, advice to offer, thoughts on anything to do, I would be very appreciative. :)


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  • I absolutely feel for you. I've had IBS for a number of years, & it's very strange in that sometimes things seem to quiet down for a couple of weeks, then I get hit again. I guess it's possible that sudden anxiety about something might trigger it, but on the other hand, which comes first, chicken or the egg?Speaking of eggs, I do like them, could eat 2 every day in the a.m., & when I do, it's with broccoli rabe (also known as rapini.) I figure I need the greens, & I like rabe. But sometimes wonder if the yolks might cause, at the very least, creation of gas. I have made the assumption that I'm lactose intolerant, whether I am or not, I figure it can't hurt to use Lactaid cot. ch. & milk, even ice cream on occasion. But there's a great Greek yogurt I adore, brand name Fage (pronounced fa-yeh) & I've convinced myself that the cultures in the yogurt are a good thing. What the heck. If I'm going to have symptoms, I may just as well enjoy most of my food.It's true, I have to plan my eating a bit, esp. now since I'm older & tend to have slight, intermittent gastroesophageal reflux (GER). It's a nuisance, but doable. As for the med you take (Colo...?) my very personal tendency is not to take any medicines unless absolutely necessary, bec. they have their own side effects that usually are quite unpleasant...so be sure to read the description of these.Fast food? Usually a no-no, cuz usually fried, or has hydrogenated oils, or other chemicals not good for your bod. It's a stricter way of eating, but you can do it. Good luck.
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