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i have been nauseated for about a year or more and have no idea what ot use or do,,,,

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  • Posted By: jennygurl
  • August 16, 2013
  • 09:13 AM

hello my name is jenny, I am going to start by saying I am 42 I have a kidney disease, but my nausea does not come from that..i recently did a stomach empy test and to my utter shock it came back normal . this shocked me. I have been very sick to my stomach about every day and to put that I am miserable is an understatement. I have been probed I have pooped a water balloon out of my bottom I have done a lot of test that seem endless and horrible. I have irritable bowl, I have issues going to the bathroom but if I take medicine I can go to the bathroom, however if I do not take medicine I can go about 30 days without having a bowl movement. I do not have gas, and I swell like I am pregnant. you would think this would be my issue but it is not.. its irritable bowl with constipation. I take amatiza and I go usually its the other, I am running to the bathroom. I have been plagued by this motion sickness its horrible and it lasts all day with not much relief, I have been on phengran and I have had a doc that didn't see that taking about ten tablets of this medicine at 50 mg was not a big deal but since this doctor no longer practices he retired. I have specialist and my replacement doctor had an issue with me taking this medicine, and so much of it.. so needless to say I see a different doctor but am quite aware that the amount is too much and at the end it doesn't take my nausea away it just lessens it. I have taken zophran it does not even touch it, I have tried motion sickness medicine its like taking candy and at times. I vomit and I mean its like projectile vomit and a very incredible large amount.. a lot and quickly from no where... but I don't always vomit, just always feel like I have really bad car sickness none stop. thought it was a slow gastric stomach where it doesn't work so well and the food just sits there but my test came back normal.. unsure what this is or why... or what to take.. I am so miserable I keep thinking I must have cancer or something.. It is that consuming... what do I do.. I have had ten egd's ten colonoscopy's I have had someone see undigested food in my stomach when there should be none... so what gives. are there more test to prove this slowing of the stomach and if so what;;; what is the best medicine for me besides a gun to my head...so tired of feeling like this..

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  • This may seem trite, but do add Metamucil type bulk and drink about 3 liters of water per day. The bulk agent you can get cheap at Walmart. Also, walking , even slow each day can help get it going.
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    • November 28, 2013
    • 03:26 PM
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