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i'm healthy, but my poo is not?

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  • Posted By: nikkinichole
  • May 18, 2008
  • 03:12 AM

I am a pretty healthy lady in my mid twenties

i drink only water and lots of it. I have an occasional diet coke or hot tea and I usually have a glass of red wine at night
i work on my feet all day and i go to the gym 3-4 days a week

I eat whole grain everything and always eat my veggies, mostly spinach and broccoli and supplement my diet with multivitamins (which i have to take at night otherwise they make me nauseated....i think it's the zinc)

I eat little meat, but lots of protien through beans and veggie burgers and dairy and such. healthy right?

so why is my digestive system so screwed up?

i am constantly gassy (the fiber i guess) and not the burping type.
sometimes the gas is severe (extreme lower back pain and such)
i have very frequent diarrhea...at least 3 times a week
i normally have 2-3 bowel movements a day, but they are either of the loose type or really hard pellet poop that sinks which i hear is bad.
when i have to go, i cannot hold it......at least not for more than about 10 minutes. i have extreme pain and discomfort and it makes for very unfortunate social situations especially anywhere without a bathroom nearby.

this has been a lifelong thing, but as i get older and see how other people work, i realize that mine seems to be abnormal.

is it abnormal? why can't i poop like a normal person?

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  • You symptoms are all too familiar to me. The part of your diet that jumps out at me is your reference to the primary source of protein that you consume: Beans, veggie burgers (soy) and diary. In my experiences these three are the biggest culprits in causing gas and digestive discomfort. I was a vegetarian for several years and suffered with loads of gas, gas pain and bowel issues without realizing that my protein sources seemed to be the culprit. After switching my protein sources to mainly poultry and fish, cutting out soy and other beans, and taking enzymes religiously whenever I eat dairy, I have managed to turn things around. It's hard to avoid dairy and soy completely because they are in everything these days. When I slip up and have these foods, I get the old symptoms again.
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  • Many undiagnosed Celiacs have bathroom issues similar to your's, including myself before I eliminated gluten from my diet. I also avoid dairy, soy, corn and other things that are difficult to digest. This has made life much easier. Good luck.
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  • Have you thought of having a stool test performed? This may get to the root of the problem? Just a thought.
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  • Or perhaps a Food Sensitivity Test?
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