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help please! EXTREME pain in lower anus while having bowel movement

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 13, 2007
  • 07:59 AM

hi there! i hope someone can help me. i have extreme pain when it's time to have a bowel movement and during. what concerms me most is when i get the urge and am ready to go, i can feel the stool moving down the last part of my anus/canal and it is sooooo painful that i can't walk. i have to stop and hold on to something.

in addition of that, i have painful bm's. so much so that i scream out, and the push reflex is so stong and painful that it's like giving birth (i have a child, so i know). also, my stool is hard and usually tears my anus and i bleed and am sore for a few days. i know i have some constipation, so i take stool softeners and perscription lactulose to help.

it's so bad that i do all i can to make sure i don't have to go when i'm not at home. hopefully some of you have some insight.


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  • In addition to the stool softeners you need to take a daily fiber supplement with plenty of water. Also, you should have your colon checked out as well! Elimination shouldn't be painful and it's an indication that something is wrong.
    CassAnn 25 Replies
    • November 14, 2007
    • 02:56 PM
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  • There could be many causes. Hypothyroidism is one, since it sometimes can present itself in various ways and not everyone gets all the symptoms. It could also be caused by diverticulas in the colon as well as inflammation, anemia or malabsorbtion. You should have a colonscopy done as well as some blood tests: TSHFree T3Free T4Anti-TPOAnti-TGMCVMCHCMCHHGNatriumPotassiumFerritinIron There are probably more, but this is a good place to start. Hope this helps.. Kiera
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 15, 2007
    • 07:46 AM
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  • i have simular problems, not as severe. physillium is really good for softening the stool. try bran buds with psyillium. i use something simular to metamucl, its noname brand, and has psyllium also; its a powder that you mix with water. LOTS of water. fibre and psyllium both need lots of water. i shoot for at least 8 -8oz glasses of just water a day. i do not include juice, tea, coffee or milk in this count. also, dairy products such as cheese may be constipating. some rices too. do you use sipozatories at all? glycerine sipazatories can help. do u know if you get hemmroids? use anusol, its in a tube and helps prevent pain and infection. use a medicated wipe like tucks medicated wipes to keep your rectum clean after u bm. wish you well.
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