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Help! Digestive symptoms after colonoscopy.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 26, 2009
  • 03:40 AM

I had my first colonoscopy last November. I used OsmoPrep for the cleanout.

I plan to see the referring Dr. next week and see if she thinks I need to go back to gastro. (On my insurance, I can see the referring doc for free, but the gastro will be applied to not yet paid deductable, so I figure, what's to lose by seeing her first since it's free)

Since the colonoscopy, my digestive system has not gotten back in order. Whenever I eat much fiber/vegetable/nuts, etc, it acts like a laxative. I already did not eat enough vegetables before the procedure, but I do eat some beans, cheerios, and a few vegetables.
Gross stuff follows.

The problems vary. Sometimes, I go until I am almost cleaned out.I have really cut back on the fruits and veggies. Also, I used to eat cheerios almost every morning for breakfast. Now I eat Rice Krispies. I get symptoms every time I eat cheerios (again, a higher fiber food...) as well. The first BM will be relatively normal, but then they will get loose and acidic to where my skin gets irritated, no matter how hard I try to protect it. The first incidence of this was about a week after the colonoscopy, the second was about a week after that. I had eaten nuts the day before each of those, so I cut them out of my diet.

A lot of other times, now I am having some of these symptoms, but not as bade since I cut back on fruits and vegetables and cut out nuts and cheerios completely. I did have an episode after eating a banana, but it did not go quite as far.

But now, sometimes they are sticky and sometimes they are black, and sometimes both. This weekend I had one that was a "total cleanout" in a couple seconds. It was soft, not liquid, but there was a LOT of it. I don't think that I ate any high fiber foods, but I did have a piece of healthy bread, so it may have been.

It has been two months since my procedure. Two polyps were removed from my ascending colon during the procedure. I did not have any bleeding after the first day, that I know of. What bleeding I had the first day was very very little and only on one incidence, so I felt like it may have been normal since they told me that there could be some bleeding afterwrds.

There has been no change in my stress level between before the colonoscopy and after. There were the holidays, but I have not had these problems around the holidays before, and this year's holiday were no different from the other ones, other then the digestive symptoms.

Has anyone had such an experience? Was it diet? Was it due to the prep? Was it due to something going wrong with the procedure? Is it just coincidental that these symptoms have started occurring after the colonoscopy, and totally something else?

I am keeping a log of my food, exercise, and symptoms for the next couple weeks, then I am going to make an appointment at the end of the month to see the primary Doctor if the symptoms do not go away. But I probably will not go back to eating the nuts and vegetables for the experiment, because I really don't want any more unpleasant symptoms.

Thanks in advance sharing any similar experiences.

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