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Green stools and hunger

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 30, 2009
  • 06:50 PM

I had never had a green stool in my life until a couple weeks ago. At first I kind of flipped out because my bms have /never/ been a different color before (oh, varying shades of brown, but that's it). My boyfriend said he'd read about green stools before, though, and that it was no big deal, especially if it went away soon. And, indeed, that sounds like the general consensus from what I've read on this site. But I've been having green stools off and on for the past month, and this past week has been almost entirely green. Moreover, my stool this morning was, dare I say, neon. Not just a greenish brown, it was /green/.

The only symptom I can come up with kind of associated with it is that I always feel hungry as of late. Like, I'll start eating, and I'll get full, but then as soon as I put the food away I feel like I never ate. But my eating habits haven't changed all that much. I eat a lot of fish sticks and spaghetti and ramen and cereal, like I have all my life. Usually eat an apple or two and a couple sticks of broccolli every day. Often some celery and peanut butter, too, and there you have the vast majority of my diet. I'll grant I only eat two meals a day - brunch and supper - but that's also no change from when I was in highschool.

It doesn't really bother me; it's not like a painful hungry feeling, just sort of an empty feeling, I guess, and it's kind of been constant. And then my stools come out bright green. I'm not losing any weight or anything, though, so.. I dunno what the deal is.

The only thing I can think of that /I've/ really changed this month is that I stopped taking birth control for the first time in a year. But going on it didn't affect my stools.. would coming off of it affect them?

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  • Hi,This is the wierdest thing!! This is the first time I've ever had this, & it started Monday! You're right!! It's bright green, like Canadian goose poop! If I ate a bunch of raw spinach, I could understand it, but I didn't! I feel perfectly fine, no symptoms at all. My eating habits have not changed. I did eat a salad, iceberg lettuce, green peppers & cucumber but that's nothing new. the only drugs I take are for high blood pressure. (I did just finish a 1 month supply of Chantix last week, & didn't start another month, it didn't work!) I am in monopause, so I don't take birth control pills. I do drink alchohol, and over this last weekend, I did consume quite a bit!! (I hope I didn't damage my liver! That was my first thought, but I'm sure I'd have pain with that.) I have no pain of any kind. No unusual hunger, & no loss of apetite. My husband wants me to go to the doctor right away. I want to wait & see if this goes away by itself, because my doctor will have me undergo every test known to man. I can't afford them, or the loss of income from missing work to have them. Guess we will just wait & see, & pray no new symptoms develop!!
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  • Green stool is not usually considered abnormal. Green stool may most likely be caused by dietary intake and is closely related to the amount of bile in the stool. Bile is a yellowish green fluid found throughout the digestive tract that digests fat. Under a variety of circumstances related to the body’s gastrointestinal health at the time, bile can cause stool to become different colors or at least varying shades of the same color. Green is not uncommon and may be the result of too much or too little bile or food moving through the intestines too fast. Diet can also effect stool color. Green vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli can cause green stool, and foods containing green food coloring can yield the same result. Just as often though, other food colors can have the same impact. Purple drinks are a particular culprit, especially in young children. Some dietary supplements, especially iron, can also cause green stool. Another factor that could contribute to green stool is mucus. Mucus is present in the intestines and can cause stool to change color as it can consistency. Unless there is an excessive amount of mucus or a persistent change from normal bowel movement, it is likely nothing to be concerned with.Unless this persists for long periods or is incredibly unusual for you or accompanied by a variety of other symptoms, I don't think your green stools are anything to worry over.
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  • It often occurs when you eat or drink items that contain food dyes...it can happen with RED food dyes. Pay close attention to your diet - did you drink a berry milkshake from a fast food place, for example? Or eat a granola bar that contained food dye? See if there is a connection there. DOM
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  • Now that you mention it... I have eaten black licorice, and some "now & Later candy that is bright green, bright red, bright purple... I have eaten them in the past and never had this happen...
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