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  • Posted By: lostinla09
  • February 28, 2009
  • 00:58 AM

ok well this is my story.
Iam a healthy ,so to say, 23 year old female.I don't smoke and I'm not over weight...
I've never had anything near my rectum,just imaging it makes me Shreek! In November I started having a mucus discharge which is clear coming from my rectum.
I went through so many ER's. Some say I had CDiff..Some did a test and shoved their finger up my rectum and said I had no bumps and everything looked normal but mucus was a sign of inflammation.
So I saw a gastro doctor and since I dont have insurance..he gave me some samples to try and if it worked,he wrote an RX. Well he only gave me 3 samples and I don't even know if they worked..didn't seem too. I went to get the RX filled and it was $320 something bucks for like like 15 suppositories. Wellll that story went down the drain. So I sat on a waiting list,finally beginning of Feb. I started seeing a surgeon. Went in saw her..she shoved her finger in my rectum..saw alot of mucus..asked if I had any family history of colon cancer.Which I don't think so! So I have a stomach xray done..comes back normal..I have bloodwork done..comes back normal.So she schdules me a colonscopy. I get there the day off..and Im in my gown on the table..the nurse takes my pulse and its 110! She asked if I was nervous? alil bit I don't like IV's. So she takes it again 118. Welll I get on the operating table..they start givin me the anasteisia and my pulse rate shoots up to 132! The doc stops and says no can do! So She schduled me to come back and have a barrium test done. I had to prep and not eat for 2 days just liquid and completely empty my colon. They put me on the table and put this tv over my head..shoved this long white pipe thing in my rectum and it shot ink into my colon an they moved me 1,000 times and took pictures..the follow day i went back in and dropped off stool. I went back the NEXT day annn alll those results came back normal. The barrium test showed no signs of mass or tumors..so next week I have another colonscopy schduled. She wants to see if my "mucosus glands" my mucus glands in my rectum are inflammed. If they are I really dont know how you go about getting them "un"flammed so to say bc Ive been on every antibiotic in the book. Just wondering if anyone has ever had this symptom before.
Its a constant all day long mucus that comes out of the rectum.Its not a draining mucus that its in my underware but it sticks to me and everytime I go to the restroom its there! Its aggervating and stressful. After a bowel movement the mucus is like a golden brown color but I figure that was just from the bowel b/c any other day SINCE November its been clear. Ive never seen any blood in my stools..its just this discharge! blah!:eek:

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  • It seems iffy that they have to schedule another colonoscopy right after they just did one. They probably should try doing other tests instead.
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