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GI-***l - Sharp, burning pain, vomiting, weight loss.

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  • Posted By: Blueberry
  • September 4, 2009
  • 08:52 PM

This has been going on since May 2008. Supposedly, I was having gall bladder attacks. They removed it June 1st 2009. Since then, I have become far, far worse. To start with the pain which used to begin on my right side (sharp), pierce through my ribcage, travel to the upper left ribcage (identical area to the right) where it burned, and sometimes climbed up my spine & burned between my shoulder blades has switched. Now, it's on the left, sharp, and unlike before - I cannot assuage it with positions. Everything - my laptop, homework, books, etc. has been on the floor since Sept 2008. Sitting up is excruciatingly painful and I usually wind up vomiting even if I haven't eaten. (Water, foam.. whatever)
Walking seems to help.
I went from 120 lbs to 95 lbs (with clothes & shoes), it's painful to breathe, my stomach is bloated, and I've begun developing large bruises that take over a month to begin healing. (They're about the size of my hand & usually located in my upper thigh.) I've become anemic which is probably the cause of the bruising. Also, in the last year, I've been diagnosed with osteopoenia & celiac disease. The latter is now showing up as a clerical error on my medical record which is distressing since doctors (I moved to a new area) do not take me seriously/think I'm bonkers for cutting gluten out of my diet. (I improved drastically with the diet though and know within 15-20 minutes if I've accidentally eaten something with even a tiny amount of gluten.)
I ordered my medical records and during surgery they found:
1) a significant amount of dilated small bowel
2) a very enlarged lymph node (which was left in) when they dissected out the triangle of calot.
First, I don't know what the triangle of calot is exactly & want to know why they took it out. Also, they opened my gall bladder before sending it to pathology & noted it was mucusy like Cholesterolosis. The pathology report was very brief but noted that it was already opened & ultimately diagnosed me with mild, chronic Cholecystitis. (Inflammation of the gallbladder.) Another weird thing is last year during my endoscopy, they found diffuse mucus throughout my entire stomach. I just find it odd that mucus has popped up twice. (Also, I was never told.) The only thing I was informed of was that my surgery went well. I didn't even know the ultimate diagnosis (chronic cholecystitis) until, over a month & an ER trip (which found nothing on the abdominal CT or blood work) later, I finally had a post-op with my surgeon and begged her to go back in and do something, anything to help the pain. Well, at least she gave me the pathology report but I had to harass the clinic to send my records - most of which are still incomplete. A friend of mine brought me to my new & rather concerned but stumped GP who referred me to a specialist. I'm on the waitlist and my appointment is finally only a few weeks away.
So, here's the issue. My friend lives far, far away and I'm new to area & have no one to bring with me to this appointment. I'm frequently awake throughout the night (pain) and becoming ... delirious? I cannot sleep more than 4-5 hours in a row without the sharpness waking me up. So, I can't catch up on sleep either. My memory is in the tank. I'm obviously malnourished and it's difficult to communicate through so much pain. Are they going to think I'm insane if I simply write everything down, bring in the medical records I have, and explain to them that if they speak with me directly I will forget essential things?

Also, another odd thing (my GP is out of town) occurred a week ago a sub doctor said was probably hypotension. I was prescribed 10 mgs of nortryptiline (for pain) and directly after eating very sugary food (low fat goat milk ice cream + gluten free cookies), I blacked out. What I remember is my head crashing into my laptop. I think I went from lying down to standing and collapsed yet it's as though my memory was wiped. I woke up in bed the next day yet wasn't "all there" until one pm in the afternoon. Obviously, I'm never taking nortryptiline again. And normally, eating those foods would cause extraordinary amounts of pain so that can’t happen again either. . . .
I have no idea why I’m writing this. I’m just desperate. In the last few months, I had to withdraw from university and rarely leave my room/floor except to ironically go to the grocery store or a doctor appointment or walk aimlessly in hopes of distracting myself from the pain. I’m unemployed and doubt I would be capable of keeping even a simple job at this point. Pain is driving me over the edge and I don’t have a low tolerance. Fracturing my elbow hurt less than this as did a myriad of other painful things which wouldn’t even register with me on the pain-scale now – including neck surgery when I was sixteen. It was a minor surgery to remove a cyst but I had to be hospitalized for 3 days due to complications, had a tube surgically inserted in my neck to drain fluid, and when I was sent home although I was prescribed a copious amount of pain medication, I wound up not taking it. (Perkidan & something else that eludes me.) Look, I know pain. This is not a small amount of pain & it’s the one thing I downplay in fear of being labeled drug-seeking or told the pain is all in my head or I’m a female – which naturally means I can’t take pain. I’m terrified this specialist will send me away or not take me seriously. I literally cannot live like this and to be perfectly honest, if they did label me as "crazy" and whatever treatment they administered worked – I wouldn’t care. I just want the pain to be assuaged & for the love of god, a meal.

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