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From Kidney infection to extreme abdomen pain and nausea - help

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  • Posted By: Miller-519
  • July 14, 2010
  • 10:30 PM

I'm 14 years old. On Tuesday the 29th of June I went to the Doctors since it hurt when I urinated. I got given some anti biotics and went on my way. By Thursday there was blood in my Urine so I went back to the Doctors and they refered me to A&E. There Penicillin was prescribed for the infection. A few days later there was extreme pain in my kidneys and I went straight back to A&E and was put on an IV dose of anti-biotics from Monday-Friday (I had an E-coli infection). Since it was an evening dose I could go home and come back in. The ultra scan I had showed no kidney stones on wednesday and nothing was wrong. On Thursday night I went in to A&E due to severe stomach pains. The next day the consultants thought I had constipation and prescribed some laxatives. On sunday I was in due to the pain again and I had an enema. This didn't help so I went for an X-ray and it showed I was very constipated. The doctor upped the dose to 8 sachets in one for 3 days. Lets say this has cleared me out completely. The last dose was yesterday.

However, the pain in my abdomen is worse than ever. It hurts constantly in my belly button area, especially to the right, and spreads all around in my abdomen as far as my back. We rang the Doctor today and he said that the pain shouldn't be worse after clearing myself of constipation so I was asked to come back in. Tonight I saw the doctor in A&E and she asked me lots of questions and felt around my abdomen. She said I didn't look ill enough with temperature/heart rate etc to have appendicitis and asked me to do a Urine sample and have a blood test. The Urine sample came back as all clear and we waited a further 2 and a half hours for the blood test to come back. When they did it said they were fine and I had no infection traces. This brief SpR then said they'll organise an out patient ultra scan for me and said I could go home.

I am fuming. They are just dismissing my pain. So I'm expected to spend however long it takes to get an appointment in pain and having a 1 hour sleep every night due to the pain? Paracetamol isn't working, no pain killers are. We're ringing tomorrow to ask if they can speed up the ultra scan and try and find out what it is. But I don't actually know what else the Doctors can do. The blood tests show nothing, neither does the urine. What happens if the scan shows nothing? I cannot bear this pain anymore and it seems, according to them, that nothing is causing it which must be impossible as I'm not making this up. I've never had troubles like this before. Please help.


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  • I'm so sorry for you.I have a strangely similar story, although I'm sad to say I've haven't had any relief. It went from blood in my urine (assumed kidney infection) to severe abdominal pain. I went to the ER a couple of times early on also. This is month 16 for me, but I'm confident they'll figure out your situation sooner. If they do, please post a note letting us know what they found.I have had every test available and seen about 15 specialists, but again, I can't imagine it will be the same for you.I know it's horrible, but you will get through it. Just don't give up until you find a doctor who believes in you and works with you to figure this out.If others have had similar situations, please provide some details. Maybe we can compile something that will help in our diagnosis.Location would be helpful (don't need to be too detailed) to help with the identification of any viruses/bacteria - I'm on the Central East Coast, USA.
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