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***Fatty liver with lesion-Dr. wants biopsy-Very scared

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  • Posted By: tarmale
  • April 8, 2008
  • 10:23 PM

Hi, i'm a 38 year old female who was just diagnosed with a fatty liver and a 2-3cm lesion. At first my dr. thought it was just a hemangioma but after an ultrasound and mri it's still inconclusive. All my bloodwork has come back negative for cancer, hepatitis etc and my enzymes are not elevated. I can't lie and say I'm not worried because I am. I go for a consult on Thursday and hopefully the biopsy very soon after. I'm not scared to have the biopsy but of course of what the results might be.
Has anyone else gone through this? I rarely drink, do not take any drugs and do not share needles etc. I have however for the past few years eaten a horrible diet and am about 30lbs overweight and I am now addressing both these things that are entirely my fault.
Please, any help would be appreciated!
Thank you!

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  • Your situation sounds very similar to mine. I was diagnosed with a fatty liver in September with a 3mm lesion that they wanted to view 6 months later. I had an ultrasound that showed the lesion is now 1/2" that is several times larger than it was.I am scheduled for a CT scan on Tuesday for a clearer image. How did you make out today? ~Amy
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  • Hi Amy, I'm sorry I haven't replied back. There were so many emails in my in box that I'm just getting to it now.I wanted to see how your ct scan went. I have had an ultrasound, mri and a nuclear scan but none of it was conclusive!! I can't believe it. My enzymes are still normal and all my cancer markers came back negative. I will now also have a ct scan on Monday (19th) and my dr. is really hoping that tells us something. They are afraid to do a biopsy in case it is a hemangioma and I will bleed out. I'm not too keen on that either so if the ct scan still shows nothing then I will probably wait two months or so and have it scanned again. I am nervous and having problems digesting meals, tenderness under the ribs and nausea. I'm not sure if it's physical or psychological as when I'm relaxed I seem fine. Either way I'm eating better, exercising and I joined weight watchers to keep myself accountable. Oh, you mention that your lesion was at first 3cm but now 1/2 "? If I read that correctly then it seems like it has shrunk because a cm is about 1/3 of an inch. PLEASE let me know how you made out. I am really curious and praying that it's good news for the both of us.I will wait for your reply and read it right away.
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  • Hello, I am new here and just came accross this thread. I have MAJOR stomache issues. Not sure if it is my undiagnosed Chronic Lyme or what. I had two trips to Urgent Care last week because of it. While in the Service it was noted on an MRI of my back of all things that I had two fatty tumors on my bladder. Yet, I don't smoke or take accessive drugs. I asked the docs and they just blew me off. I can't eat much without getting full. When I do eat I feel misserable, like I over ate. I am on Prevacid now. As well as Reglan for the nausea. Sometimes I feel burning in my stomache after I eat as well. Also had SEVERE back pain that I know is comming from severe constipation. It was so bad that the first trip to Urgent care warranted an embarrasing Enema! Then the second trip I had an IV and two shots of Demeral for back pain. Then had to get a CT to make sure I did not have Kidney stones. Although they did pick up a renal cyst. So, I am scheduled for a colonoscopy next month. Not sure if it is the cyst, possible divirticulitis or the fatty tumors on the bladder or kidney issues. Seems like the docs are just blowing it off and I even had an ultra sound done on the kidneys as well as the bladder. They think is is nothing. My labs are fine as well. I am worried.....
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