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Dull stomach ache, hunger? gas?

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  • Posted By: roamingrichy
  • July 16, 2010
  • 00:34 PM

Dear All,
I am new to this blog, so my apologies if this is being posted in the wrong section.
I am an Englishman living in Madrid, Spain and have, for the past 3 weeks nearly, had a virtually continuous stomach ache. It all began after having a few beers in the evening (which I've now stopped altogether), and generally after eating. It got to a point where the ache was just dull, a feeling of hunger and a need to pass wind. I have visited the emergency room on 2 occasions (I am an extremely nervous person), and was told I could have an ulcer or H.Pylori. I was given some tablets to take (Maalox and Omeprazol). However, these tablets did little good. I then returned and they gave me a blood test, an xray and a urine test. They revealed very little apart from the xray which indicated I was extremely bloated due to trapped gas. I was given something for that also. 5 days later the specialist saw me (yesterday), and after a quick prod and poke, said that I had trapped gas whcih along with the nerves was causing all the pain. He told me to continue taking the anti-gas tablets along with the Maalox, and to stay away from all fatty foods and carbonated drinks (inc alcohol). I have to go back in 11 days to carry out a urea test for H.Pylori. However, the doc seemed to think it was nothing serious or anything to worry about. Unfortunately being such a pessimistic person I disagree and feel it could be serious.
My question to you all is can trapped gas cause such discomfort for such a continual length of time. After this weekend it will be the 4th week with this pain. I know my nerves don't help matters, but how long can this go on for? It's just such a dull annoying pain that doesn't go away, not even after eating (although this alleviates it a little). I sleep fine at night, have no problems in the bathroom, have not vomited nor feel nausea.
I would appreciate any help or advice you can offer. I know this is only my first post, but I'm feeling so ***n low at the moment, I'm willing to try anything.

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