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distended stomach below navel

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  • Posted By: lburns
  • March 29, 2007
  • 04:52 PM

I have always had a hard 'pooch' below my navel. I am 5' 4" 130 lbs., not fat, do lots of crunches. I spent the last year on a HepC study. I took subcutaneous shots in my stomach and injected in my 'pooch' below my navel- after 6 months my 'pooch' disappeared! i had a flat stomach first time ever. a miracle! however, once off the study my pooch came back. what is up with that? the study physicians could not help me., only the nurse said maybe take shots of saline in my stomach...i would LOVE to know what happened and why my stomach became flat as a pancake during the study and the shots.
anyone have info on this condition? my pooch is NOT painful though, just hard and THERE. Thanks so much for any ideas.

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  • I have the exact same problem as you and it is acutally ironic because i have had a friend refer to it as my "Pooch" before also. I am in very good health- and am very slim, except the area of my lower abdomen under my belly button sticks out also, just like a pooch. When I get up in the morning, my pooch for the most part is flat, well for my condition at least. As the day progresses, anything I eat causes my pooch to bloat and distend, even if my calorie intake is not high, anything I eat will cause it to do this. By the end of the day, it is distended by several inches, resembling someone who is at least three months pregnent. Although i exercise and try to do lower abdomin crunches, the moment I eat anything my pooch bloats up to its usual self, i can NEVER have a flat somach like i feel like everyone else does. Some times i feel as if the only solution to my problem would be not eating at all. Upon visiting a gastrointoligist, he inquired that there may be a problem with a bacterial buildup in my lower abomin and perscribed me anti bacterial pills called xifaxan which i was perscribed to take three times a day for 12 days. It relieved a little bit of bloating but for the most part was uneffective. I was also given a blood test testing for celiac disease but I did not have it. I have also tried dieting, and eleminating all carbohydrates out of my diet, unfortunately this did not work. The only thing that really does work is not eating, that way my stomach does not bloat up, but obviously this is not a logical solution.That shot that you got that made your stomach flat seems wonderful, to bad it didnt last? I am sorry. I wish there was something to help this problem. It is getting to the point where its embarrasing to be in a bikini. It has been for years...
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  • Hello Iburns, Have you looked under the thread titled Bloating, Distention, and Intestinal Gas? I started that thread months ago, so there is a lot of helpful information. The last update was only a few days ago, so you should be able to find it on the main page. I hope you find some answers.
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