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  • March 1, 2011
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im a 27 year old female, type 0+, stay at home mom, struggleing with obesity, and i have had problems since i can remember concerning my digestive system. early childhood i vomited frequently and had abdominal pain- when i was 13, the pain got worse and i started passing mucus for a couple of days along with pain and lethargy about once a year- then a couple times a year- for the last 7 or so years it has been pritty constant, several times a month, and now almost everytime. i have been hospitalized 3 times because of the severity of pain and so on, and evertime im given the same story " its probly ibs, there is nothing we can do, you need to see a specialist" - twice i was sent to specialists, and they refused to do any tests, and brushed off my saying" ive had this for years, but its suddenly much worse"- once compareing it to child birth( i had a very traumatic child birth with my son, so i know what im talking about)
after many, many doctors, it was my therapist who recomended i look into gluten sensitivity. i seem to fit the bill to a t. ive since gone gluten free, but am still experiencing mucus and dificult bms. ( it would seem the gf diet has effected my concentration, depression and so on the most ( adhd etc.) positively)
i find that greace may be a large problem- anytime i would eat at burgerking ( exmple), my symptoms would be increased in severity. i also wonder about dairy as well.
my issue right now is ( besides barely being able to aford being on these dietary requirements ( soooo expensive!) that i want to know once and for all what is wrong with me, but no matter how hard i try to tell doctors whats going on, they refuse to help. ive lost so much confidence and i dont know what to do anymore.
list of problems and fam. history( which ive stated to many doctors)
over a decade of: abdomable pain, mucous, hard dark pellat shaped stool, depression, adhd, abnormal writeing similar to dislexia, vision problems( trouble looking at one word at a time( bounces or disapears), dizzy spells, confusion, memory gaps, forgeting what im saying during conversations, hearing things incorectly, abnormal anger fits, self mutilation( picking, scratching, biteing), audio replay ( night time when all is quiet, my mind plays overlaping "recordings" of things ive heard during the day, in the past- even creating new sounds- this can vary in intensity of quiet to very loud ), shakey hands, facial recognition problems ( even with my husband), panic atacks, anxiety ( almost constantly, at different intervals of intensity), abnormal apathy ( im usualy highly empathetic, but at times i become blank, like if my son gets hurt) and other things i cant think of right now ( ive been forgetting things more and more- how to spell, words ( ill say " did you see the person at..." and it will take me minutes or not at all to come up with something like "walmart").
family- both my mother and grandmother were hospitalized for severe intestinal problems; with my grandmother, part of her intestins literaly exploded- with my mother, she had cysts. my father was in vietnam and was exposed to agent orange, had intestinal problems too- both my parents abused drugs and alchol. i was a blue blood baby ( one parent rh-, the other rh+)- i experience pica, in which in my case i crave dirt like substances.
i am currently takeing 200 mlg of zoloft a day, and a natural gluten free multivitamin, as well as ortho try cyclin birth control. ive tried other antidepresents with adverse results.

i know this is realy long, and they may not all be related, but im so tired of fighting doctors to look into these things and take me seriously- im tired of liveing like this, im tired of fighting to do the right things and not doing anything myself. not that i havent- diet, exercise, vigilance (at one point i was doing very well- then my doc put me on zyprexa- gained all my weight back, in which he told me that was my fault, and not the meds- put me on a 1000 calorie diet and told me to eat no sugars, like i was diabetic- come to find out, zyprexa causes these things- ive since sliped into a pattern of hopelessness with changeing things.) anyway, ive never realy recieved support, or known anyone else to experience this- im sorry to be ranting on, i just needed to put it all down- im sure im not alone. thanks- i know im nuts :)

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