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Chronic Hunger for over 1yr after turning 40~Miserable Living!

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  • Posted By: Blessedbliss
  • November 12, 2013
  • 11:43 AM

Please Help if you have any insight!
I turned 40 last year after a very stressful year & although felt healthly, when bloodwork came back, was diagnosed with hypothyroid. Was put on meds & monitored, but 2 months later, sever, chronic hungar kicked in. I just tried to deal with it. By Christmas I was very miserable & after the 1st if the yr I went to the Dr & was sent home being told it was my thyroid & I for me to wait for my meds to start working, even though I had been on them for 4 months. 2 months later, I went back, was tested for diabetes (neg) & told again to give thyroid meds a chance.

I was sooo sick! I would eat a meal, feel full & then within 30mins to 2 hrs, I was starving, even though my stomach felt like it was still full. I would get cramps that would hurt & only get worse as the minutes progressed, as if my stomach was trying to eat itself. At the same time, my heartbeat would be rapid & sometimes my chest/heart would really hurt. I would try to put a heating pad on the upper part of my stomach because that was the worst place & chest to comfort myself, but nothing helps. I can eat again, but within 2 hrs, it starts again, no matter day or night. This has really affected my sleep big time! I only get brief naps. It's impossible to sleep when your stomach hurts from hungar unless you finally pass out for a little bit. The Drs have thrown sleeping pills at me, but that just makes me more tired & I wake up again as soon as the hunger pain comes back, several times a night. I have chronic back pain & don't work. We've taken me off all other meds in case they may be causing this except my narcotic pain meds that I can't go off of. Now I'm just back on Beta-blockers for the heart rate.
Since this has happened, my blood pressure & heart rate are always up compared to being very healthy before. Now in the last yr, I've gained over 20lbs because I keep having to eat, which is making my back pain worse, along with the lack of sleep causing my pain to be worse & I've learned that when you're sleep deprived, your body feels hungrier. Ugh!
I have tried to change my diet to eat different things & remove things to see if there is a correlation, but to no avail. I am hypoglycemic, but I have been for 25 yrs & it doesn't feel the same.
My Dr's don't seem to know anything. Last time I went in, I told them the name of this was Polyphagia & they actually wrote it down!
I just can't keep living like this, it's too miserable & the suffering is unbearable at times. There are occasional days that I get by for awhile & then it comes on so strong again.
Please, please help me with any knowledge, direction & suggestions as to what to do next!
Thanks & God Bless!

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