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Cant get diagnosed from Doctor ongoing problems, please help.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 28, 2009
  • 03:34 PM

I am a young male at 29 yrs old. In my own diagnosis I contribute alot of this to the fact that my job is HIGH stress and very active, which I actually love. Keeps me on my toes but it has its days where it is just so mentally exhausting but I feel that the stress level has been a significant contributing factor to this on going health problem. This has been going on now for about 2 years. First it started out as severe heartburn and reflux. For about the first year I used to have severe heartburn and reflux, mainly when I sleep at night or when I would eat certain foods. Ok clear enough, saw many doctors and all put me on nexium or some other generic reflux meds. That never worked. Now for about the past year everything has gotten progressively worse. Now when I eat I feel like things get stuck in my esophagus and cant breath until I purge it up. It all comes up in big lumps. This happens with liquids and solids, even water sometimes feels like it just does not go down all the way and wants to come back up while blocking my passages. I throw up at least 10 times a day, its not a throw up like you would normally think, it is like I have gas and just need to burb, when I try to burb it all comes up. I have been through 1 endoscopy where they took 5 biopsy's and they said I have an ulcer, hiatel hernia, and white mucus buildup along my esophagus. I have had a manomotry in which my slack doctor never called me back on the results as I just feel they have nothing to tell me because they dont know. I have had a barium swallow. When I drink liquids sometimes it feels like they go down the wrong pipe in my stomach/upper GI and spills out into my body. Really weird feeling. All test have run up medical bills that exceeded my insurance coverage and now I am paying out of pocket and just cannot afford to do that at this time. So I have not been back to the doctor for more follow ups as I just cannot afford to at this time so I am trying to figure something out on my own so if I go back to see another doctor I can break it down for them and avoid all of the redundant testing with no results. I would also like to contribute some of these symptoms to the fact that I smoke but I do not smoke a lot, I smoke at the most 10 cigs a day, but again when I have mentioned this to the doctors they do not see that it would be a cause of what I have going on. I am really at my end with all of this and have had a few suggestions from co-workers that I should see what they think about having my whole esophagus replaced with a plastic one??? That sounds really far fetched for me but I am by no means a medical wizard so anything is possible. If anybody has any suggestions or help I will gladly accept your opinion. Please help. Thanks.

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  • Hi, notice you've had no replies and there are some good doctors on here, I think you should try again and post under 'I can't get a diagnosis please help' a lot of those get answers - sorry I can't comment on your problem which sounds serious I don't know anything about it - and won't offer advice if I don't know - only 'try again' Good luck with getting a reply :)
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  • Have your docs suggested gastroesophageal reflux? When it gets all in your throat like that it is called laryngopharyngeal reflux. Your hiatal hernia can cause it.My Dad and brother both have the issue with burping and vomiting while eating. Their docs have suggested this is the cause. After a while, all that stomach acid getting to your valve that is between the esophagus and stomach (cardia region/ esophageal sphincter) can cause permanent damage. Their solution is to eat very slowly and not a lot at one sitting, but it doesn't make the problem go completely away, it just helps. This should have been ruled in or out with the barium study that you had. What did they say?
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