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Butterfly sensation - not anxiety - what else could it be?

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  • Posted By: Anstee
  • June 6, 2013
  • 09:42 AM

Hi, the background is - I've had a lot of stomach problems the past few years. About six or seven years ago I started getting a hunger pang type sensation that's partially relieved by eating, it's also a lot better when I've got a cold but a lot worse when recovering from said colds. Ulcer ruled out by upper endoscopy, they didn't see anything! Anyway, I live with this and just struggle with constant slight weight gain which is offset by weight loss when I have a flare up of even nastier stomach problems! The other chronic problem that started a good few years ago was nausea with pre syncope - I'd feel really sick, sometimes vomiting and I'd be really close to fainting the whole time. Thanks goodness I accidentally found a cure for that. When I started treating my acne with antibiotics, the nausea and pre syncope improved hugely, then disappeared altogether when I started anti TNF drugs for arthritis. I thought I finally had my life back!

Now for the problem that's driving me nuts! It started almost exactly a year ago. I suddenly came down with awful nausea. I couldn't eat and I just felt so uncomfortable and miserable. I was barely coping. At the same time I had really bad diarrhoea, I was passing pale stool and had a furry microbial coating on my tongue. The GPs didn't seem interested in the cause. They just prescribed me one anti emetic after another, until I found some relief from cyclizene, but that only lasted a few days before it became ineffective for some reason. They refused to prescribe my ondasterone or similar, so I just had to suffer. The only good thing that came out of it was losing a stone!

The nausea gradually faded in intensity until it became a sort of butterfly type discomfort in the colon, I think. It's on the left hand side of my abdomen, quite high up but not as high as the stomach (I think, anyway). This feeling is so unpleasant- it's so similar to the butterflies you might get if you were nervous (NOT the same though), but it reminds me of being anxious. A year on and it's driving me mad! I had one previous attack of that kind of nausea about three years ago, but that time it just faded over about six months and I was ok. Not so this time.

I have tried meditation, hypnotherapy, anxiolytic meds, an SNRI just in case, but not the slightest difference. I've also tried eliminating dairy from my diet and alcohol is long gone :(

Any ideas, anyone?

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