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bowel noises and movements,gas killing me!

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  • Posted By: sufferinghere
  • April 12, 2009
  • 07:22 PM

I am a 27 year old female. I am having tremendous gas and bowel issues. I can sit in the bathroom passing gas for few minutes then still my stomach bubbles (I think the bubbles are gas). My intestines or rectum keep whining.. sounds like a dog whining! I have to go to the bathroom a lot! I must have had at least five bowel movements yesterday which would add up to at least 3 feet of bowel movements yesterday! (Sorry for grossing you out..but that's the truth.. I barely ate yesterday and the day before..so no idea where all this is coming from considering I'm barely 90 lbs and 5 foot.. a small thing yes:)) But, k, going to the bathroom a lot I think I can live with ..(even though I was late for yesterdays meeting)..but the thing that's been torturing considering I work in a quiet office is the noises my intestines and rectum are making..Feels like there is a bubble of gas in my rectum which won't stop making bubbling noises..Just going to work has become a nightmare! When I laugh there is a bubble of air in my left part of my stomach which makes sounds like someone sat on a woopie cushion or something. My stomach keeps making weird noises like someone passed gas! Please HELP! THIS PROBLEM IS RUINING MY LIFE! I went to the doctor and she said it was IBS. Help please!

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  • IBS is a diagnose only to be used after more serious conditions are ruled out. I think you should ask for bloodtests (sedrate, crp and wbc as well as tests for celiac) Also you need to deliver a stoolsample to rule out wbc, blood or parasites. In addition you should at least have a barrium xray or better yet a colonscopy. I have had your same symptoms, and my problem turned out to be chrons disease, but it could be anything from a undiagnosable condition to serious problems, and that is why you need these tests done. DO not let your doctor tell you otherwise! Kiera
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  • First step is a stool exam, like Kiera said. I would add to get tested for clostridium difficile infection as well. A stool exam should be done over a three day period and is very detailed. This will rule out pathogens causing your problems. I don't understand why doctors don't do this routinely - could it be because it is so cheap when compared to a colonoscopy?!:confused: I have a patient who just this past week went to a GI doc after being diagnosed with diverticulitis in the fall. The kinesiologist who works with me (I am an Oriental Medical practitioner) had tested her months ago and felt she had parasites causing her problems. Well, the GI doc finally did a stool test, and guess what? They called her right away to say she had tons of cryptosporidium spores in her stool! Parasites can cause the extreme gas and bowel problems you describe. Please just get this ruled out thru a stool exam. In the meantime to help with your symptoms I suggest a good pancreatic digestive enzyme with protease, amylase, and lipase and others. You can find this at a good healthfood store or online at www.vitacost.com. This will help with your digestion. Also, a good PROBIOTIC with several strains of beneficial bacteria will help with your frequent stools. I like ones by Jarrow, NOW, and Source Naturals, but there are others. My last thought is are you on any medications including bc? Best wishesDOM
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  • I have the same problem, for 4 years the doctor told me it was IBS until i became so ill i dropped 2stone in 2 weeks, they diagnosed me with Ulcerative Colitis. They said another week and i wouldnt be here today. GET A 2ND OPINION... i wish i did.Good luck
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    • January 27, 2010
    • 04:14 PM
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