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botulism? or something else?

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  • Posted By: blaines
  • August 3, 2007
  • 00:52 AM

Last monday (july 30) I was eating dinner with my wife for my anniversary, and shortly after I began eating, I started feeling severe cramping in my abdomen. It hurt so bad that I was doubled over in pain. When I woke up that morning I noticed that I was feeling very dizzy and slightly nauseated, and told my wife that we might have to postpone our anniversary. I felt dizzy throughout the day, but by evening nothing had gotten worse and i figured I Was ok. Anyway, after dinner, and for the next 2 hours or so I was in very much pain. Next day when I ate breakfast, I cramped bad again, so I gave myself and enema thinking maybe I was consstibpated or somethhhhhhing.. Seemed to relieve th epain somewhat. SO I Fingerued I Was getting better. I"ms orry about he typeing I speell berry waiill but my as I'm writing I"M beeeling something strange going on, snot feeling it si JMUIIII MEan when I tey to type myfindegers Are not coop;erating with my brain. I know IHOw to Type fveyry well and fast, and I know how to spell very selll... but I can't makek mty dammnnnnn a; fingers dow what I MWaynt them to do. I 'm startgin to find freak out because I can't type now. I"mve been just not easting this wekek because wehne bver I eat I get bead cramps but I had to eat tonight and about 15 minnutesa go I was writyhningt in severe pain. I'm wondering if maybe I have a smild case of botulims for something. I'mbe read the sympmtons and stuff but up until thims moment when I started typing this message I haven't really hand nay neaoryligcal symptoms or anyd thing. But the reason I thought about botuiiilims is beycause I got a letter ain the main to day that says the chillllle I ate last thurseeday or friday has been recalled because of botulims. I dom'e thave any of the classic siypmetoms of botumlsuij. Buy So I don't thing that's what it was. or is. BUt plaese I wonder if theres i any ewa8uthat I could still have it.??? What I mean is, acn aaai I phale DMMm SHik6tf IT takes a beryy long time and an lot of concentraytion for me to formulate words and mkae my findgers type tehm. I think I Should boerp probably be haaaavingtsome one take my to the hoppistal right now insteado ft of typeing this stupid email because BY The the itme I mgewt at response I could be dead. BUey

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  • Go to the hospital. Botulism doesn't present like this, but IgE-mediated food allergies do.
    GI guy 45 Replies
    • August 14, 2007
    • 04:15 PM
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