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Any Ideas As To What This May Be?

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  • Posted By: Jaime Sommers
  • December 1, 2007
  • 03:58 AM

First of all, I am 24 years old, and usually healthy. I have been anemic for a couple of years now, and at first, that was put down to my having frequent periods, but my doctor thinks otherwise.

I have very low Iron levels - about 4.1 or lower, when normal level is about 9.3 (I think) - low Folate levels, and low B12 levels.

My doctor has told me it is unusual to be so low in all three. He believes I may have an 'absorption' problem, or even Celiac Disease.

He sent a fax to the hospital, telling them what he recommends (a gastroscopy to diagnose) and they sent me a letter, saying they'll see me on the 18th of February, next year! Not for the operation, but for them to decide if they will do one or not.

I'd like to know if this is what I could possibly have, as I don't really want to wait for another three months.

I am not sure if my symptoms are that of my deficiencies, or that that deficiencies are symptoms themselves.

My symptoms are, besides my low Iron, Folate, and B12 levels: Extreme tiredness, feeling of weakness, abdominal bloating after eating (especially when I eat bread), loss of appetite, heart palpitations (well, my heart seems to feel like it is swelling in my chest, and beats funny, so that I feel weak, and dizzy, and there is a mild ache when this occurs. It scares me, as I feel I am about to have a heart attack), green stools, (no idea what that means, can't find anything about it on the internet), hot flushes, and I seem to get angry more easily. My mood has changed, I don't have a lot of patience anymore.

All this has happened gradually, over a period of a few months. I don't know if this is just my body showing my signs of this disease, or whatever it is, but I can't go on like it.

Don't hospitals think something like this is urgent? I can't believe they can make me wait for three months. Shouldn't this be treated seriously?

Now, I eat all the right foods. I eat red meat, fruit, vegetables, and dairy. I get plently of those, even though they make me feel ill after eating them. In fact, anything I eat makes me feel ill. I have lost my appetite, so I eat only because I have to, so I don't faint. When I eat, my stomach swells, and I feel ill. It's like I have eaten, but I don't feel like I have. Normally, you should feel perhaps an energy burst after eating. I get nothing. It's like I'm slowly starving to death. Sometimes I can barely walk, my legs just can't hold me up. I feel faint all the time, and when my heart plays up, I get so ill feeling that I am afraid I will collapse. I don't want this to happen at work.

I am mostly worried about what my heart is doing. I know this is not the forum for heart problems, but could this be a sign of some sort of deficiency, or something else altogether? It scares me - I have not mentioned it to my doctor yet, but I have an appointment on Wednesday the 5th December, and will then. If he lets the hospital know about this, will they treat my case more seriously?

Thanks for reading. I really, really hope someone can help me out with this.:)


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